Messy hair and other hair-rising stories

I was going to post more regularly about my style, that was my plan. But as plans often do, that fell flat to the ground after a visit to the hairdresser…

I have been going to the same hairdresser for 30 years, she is like an old friend, but now and again I have been unfaithful. Why? Simply because I´ve wanted to change my style or because I have wanted someone else to give me a new input on my hairstyle.

Because of my change of style this time around I decided to be unfaithful again. So I researched carefully, because there is nothing worse than having your hair ruined. It grows back, but it takes ages!!! I haven’t been in many hairdressing-salons in the last 30 years, so I didn’t know which one was supposed to be the best these days, but after careful consideration I booked the one with the best reviews on several sites and decided it would be worth the money.

I would perhaps expect a fashionable salon to have that discreet air of sophistication about it, you know, but there was very little of that. It was extremely noisy, my hairdresser was late and the customers had to wait around in a small, dark space next to the staff-room. The staff was friendly, but it became clear to me that no matter what I said I would get a cut from the salons “fall collection”. Which is probably why the senior stylist spent an hour trying to tame my naturally curly and wavy hair into straight submission. Straight hair is obviously the Thing. Unfortunately my hair does´t do straight. Nor submission.

I am not going to show you pictures. The day after my hair was a total mess. It cost twice what my usual hairdresser charges and the only thing I was pleased with was the color. That was really good! Not that jet black is that hard to do…

Well, guess that was my last attempt for a while to try something new in the hair-area. But I do still need a great new style, lets see if I can muster the courage to try again anytime soon:)







Ronneby Brunn revisited

I sometimes travel for work, most of the time in Sweden. I have never taken photos before when doing this as it just does not seem like blog-material to me. But realizing that most people who read my blog are not Swedish, I think you may enjoy some pics from around the country? If not, let me know and I will stop!!!

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Entering the world of Crime

So today was my first day at the festival and it started off with a bang, an all-day writing-class. Quite fun to listen to the speakers, even if I don´t write crime. I write about luv, as some of you may know. But writing is writing after all, and the same rules apply to all genre-writing I guess. Good characters, fast pace, and a great story are all ingredients to make the perfect book.

It was a good five hours well spent, and after that I went to listen to a few other speakers. Isn´t it funny how your perception of a person can change as you see and hear them irl? There were writers I immediately decided to buy, and some I decided to pass on now and probably forever. Marketing can not only make a book, I´m pretty sure it can break it too, if the person promoting it does´t come on as sympathetic or even likable. At least thats the way I work…

So I came back to the hotel with a bag full of books and a t-shirt.

I decided to have a decent meal and went next door to the hotel´s own restaurant. I have eaten in other locations of the same chain, and know the food is good.

But what bothers me is the way you are treated as a single eater, and mostly as a single female guest. I was immediately told I could only have a table until 19:30, but was welcome to sit and eat in the bar. A not very subtle hint that they wanted to keep the tables for couples…but of course I took a table. I´m a bit obstinate that way. And the table was nice, the meal good but afterwards when I asked if I could book a table for Friday evening I was told the computer was broken, and so they couldn´t book…Excuse me?

Well, they took my name and number and told me they would get back tot me if they could´t get me a table. I´m sure they will.

This is really a common phenomena when you eat out as a single lady, and it is really annoying.

I have learnt to ignore the fact that people see me as a very strange person when I eat alone, but I´m sorry folks, I don´t intend to starve because you guys find it strange that a single lady eats alone. I like to people-watch and so I rarely pick up a book or a phone to keep entertained these days. I just enjoy my meal. But I don´t enjoy the bad service you get as a single eater…

When are restaurants going to understand that some good service just may generate good tips? Even from a single lady.


In the city of roses for a bit of crimetime

2016-08-16 13.23.00I´m in Visby, a small town on the island of Gotland on the east coast of Sweden for a festival. Crimetime is a festival for booklovers, and of course especially crime-literature.

I noticed at the airport that most of those crime-lovers are middle-aged or even elderly ladies (think miss Marple) and already on the plane I got into conversation with a lady who was planning her Primetime-experience the same way I have done the last week, with a program and a pen…

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Dinosaur-hunting, and I´m not talking about me!

When my son was younger he was a huge dinosaur-fan, like I guess most little boys these days. His favorite museum was of course the Natural Science museum.

When I was a kid and we went on school-trips to Stockholm (from the country town where I lived), going to this museum was a nightmare. It was full of stuffed, moth-eaten creatures, butterflies on pins and glass-jars filled with intestines, brains and worms…

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