I´m no April Fool!!

img_1015I have been away from the blog for a while, simply because I have started a new job and it takes a lot of energy to learn new things and get to know new people. But I really enjoy it, and because I´m turning 60 this month I can also admit that even though it IS harder to start fresh these days, it is also invigorating!!!

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A doll´s house


The past 10 days I´ve been a newbie. I started a new job on March 1st and it has been and still is a transition period. In a good way I might add. But all the new people, new environment, new rules and new job areas means I have been totally wasted in the evenings. The fact that Spring never turns up doesn´t help. Some extra D-vitamin might, I´m trying that now.

But I don´t want to leave the blog un-updated for too long, so I thought I´d share something with you that the Nordic Museum reminded me of. My love of doll´s houses!

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A trip back in time


To take my mind off things I decided to make a weekend-visit to a museum. I love museums, but I´m the kind of visitor who likes to stroll through rather quickly and then something grabs my attention and I get stuck, when other visitors slowly moves through the entire place. So qeueing is not my cup of tea! I have noticed that fashion has been accepted in the museum-world, and right now there are three different exhibitions in Stockholm with fashion themes. But since I have been eyeing the one at Nordiska Museet for some time now, that´s the one I opted for.  It did´t hurt that it was vintage-themed either, you know me and vintage!

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And if I sit here quietly I can remember you again

Friday night was just like any other Friday, except son was home for a few days. I was tired from a hard week at work and rested a bit on my bed before making dinner, surrounded by the cats. They have never really more than barely accepted each other, so I wasn´t surprised when they hissed at each other. I picked up Maya from the bed and realized she was wet. Had she finally become too old and incontinent? I looked at my hand and it was blood.

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How will I survive a shopping-ban?


A week ago the city was having a taste of Spring! I took a long walk through the inner city and just enjoyed the light, the water and all the happy faces. We are a ceazy people that way, the minute the sun shines we go crazy. But it is a smart tactic – because just a few days later we had a bit of a snow blizzard, and parts of the country was snowed in. So you have to love what you get, right?

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A proper January Muuuu


We haven´t had much of a winter in Stockholm this year. So far. But you always hold your breath as we enter January, because then the snow usually comes if not before. I took this photo Jan 8 and it was breathtakingly beautiful in the morning when I was going to work. It was´t really snow, just frost, but it was a warning that the weather is getting colder.

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Some reflections for 2018


If you don´t have a proper winter (thank you global warming) then you have to be flexible and work with what you have. This enthusiastic woman is in ski-training on the man-made snow at my local sports field. 

Deciding to take a more minimalistic approach to life and most of all things is really an eye-opener in many ways. It is in no way an easy struggle (because a struggle it is in many ways) but it has given me some insights about myself and my life and I will keep going forward.

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Happy new year!

Pondering New Year (old pic!)

I love New Years!! Not the party part of New Year´s, but the pondering, planning and looking into the future part of New Year. I always get a new calendar for the new year and then I start it off in a traditional way – I enter all the holidays that I´m off work and I make a preliminary plan for the other holidays. That always gets me in the right spirit!

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