A doll´s house


The past 10 days I´ve been a newbie. I started a new job on March 1st and it has been and still is a transition period. In a good way I might add. But all the new people, new environment, new rules and new job areas means I have been totally wasted in the evenings. The fact that Spring never turns up doesn´t help. Some extra D-vitamin might, I´m trying that now.

But I don´t want to leave the blog un-updated for too long, so I thought I´d share something with you that the Nordic Museum reminded me of. My love of doll´s houses!

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A trip back in time


To take my mind off things I decided to make a weekend-visit to a museum. I love museums, but I´m the kind of visitor who likes to stroll through rather quickly and then something grabs my attention and I get stuck, when other visitors slowly moves through the entire place. So qeueing is not my cup of tea! I have noticed that fashion has been accepted in the museum-world, and right now there are three different exhibitions in Stockholm with fashion themes. But since I have been eyeing the one at Nordiska Museet for some time now, that´s the one I opted for.  It did´t hurt that it was vintage-themed either, you know me and vintage!

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November rain


Monday started with a bang this week, the office closed and everyone switched rooms. All part of a re-organization of the kind new bosses love to stick their teeth in. I´m sure you get my point.

I was supposed to sit somewhere else but after a discussion I managed to wrestle into a room I used to have five years ago, next to the coffee-machine. That will be handy when boredom strikes and I need coffee, or just to get me through my workload that is just massive atm. This is my Monday outfit – all black!

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Style gurus

Whenever I am trying to find inspiration for my style I google, and like everyone else I also check out pinterest. But when it comes to style for women 50+, I have to say there isn´t much out there. At least not if you are a curvy lady, like myself. The curvy girls seem to loose their confidence once they hit the big Day. I am desperately looking for a style guru.

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Whenever I´m thinking of changing

my style-concept, like right now when I´m sort of introducing boho-elements into my wardrobe (and JEANS!!!) something happens to make me think again.

Last night I met up with a few ladies I have never met before to participate in a tv-recording of a game-show programme. Really nice, and its always interesting to meet new people, right?

I had decided to take a break from Boho, and went with a vintage-themed retrogress from Boden, partly because the gameshow featured antiques. And I got so many nice comments and questions about my dress and the style, that it again made me think about why I prefer that style, why people usually react to it in a positive way and why it is so hard to follow one´s own heart in fashion.

The ladies all loved the dress, and we discussed the fact that the very popular and trendy fashion today isn´t for everyone and not always flattering for an older figure with its clean, boxy lines. I can love that, but it´s not for me, I would need something resembling a sack to dress like that because my shoulders and my bum are the same, and my waist is tiny in comparison.

I love the hippie-style for summer, but I have to admit a lot of the dresses are not figure flattering, although beautiful, comfy and relaxed. I will need to find ways to make that work for my figure.

But look at this, isn´t it just beautiful?







Country roads, take me home…. day 2

So you´ve been waiting for a long time for day 2 of my roadtrip, and here it comes! I hope you notice I brought a long a huge wardrobe, to be able to take nice photos of my dresses in perfect situations:)

The first night we stayed over in Nora, a pretty little market Town, most famous for being the setting of a long row of cosy detective stories written in the 50´s and 60´s by Maria Lang, whose real name was Dagmar Lange. She originated from Nora and set a lot of her books in this Environment, but simply changed the name to Skoga (skog=Wood in Swedish). Very aptly named as the place is surrounded by Woods, and one huge lake…

We stayed in a nice smaller hotel and tried to find something interesting to eat, which was quite hard even though we walked around the whole Place looking at menus. In the end we gave up and had a schnitzel.

The second day we decided to tour the Three lakes that surround Nora, because we decided to stay in a manor house for our second night.

But the road there took us around Three beautiful lakes and real countryside, scattered with junk sales and antique shops. This truly seems to be the thing right now for keeping the countryside alive! We found a junk sale everywhere we went, but it was damn hard to find a proper café!

TOM (the Old Man) isn´t as keen as me on junk sales, but he did agree to one visit:)


I Think you can guess why? It was filled with wonderful junk, and had several shelves with old electronic stuff…

As for me, I had a hard time choosing, but ended up with a Little bric bracincluding some old buttons and flowers and lace that I hope will come in handy when I do my DIY Projects this autumn.


I did have a hard time saying goodbye to this hat though…


And then we were on our way again, heading straight for the manor house hotel…


I´m not vain, I just think everyone is looking at me

Well, last weekend TOM (The Old Man, but you should know that by now) persuaded me to go on a little excursion to Norrtälje, a small hamlet just north of Stockholm. The reason for this was The American Motor Car Show.

I´m not that into cars, to be honest, but he has very graciously and with no complaints, followed me on a few vintage fairs recently and since shopping is NOT his favourite pastime it was time to give back.


I look like shit obviously, so you can´t say that I´m vain when I show you these pics here on the Internet. I spent almost an hour on my hair, doing big nice curls. But the minute I walked around the show-area in the 30 C -heat, all sweaty and as you see windy at times, my hair decided to give up. In the end I just put it up in a ponytail.

The dress is Trashy Diva, the bolero is an oldie from Monsoon and the bag is vintage.
If you want to look at more American cars please head over to http://www.anderslutz.se/?p=3837