Two weeks into my wardrobe and a new hairdo! 

My ripped jeans have been at the office most days this week. They are extremely comfy even though I am not a huge fan of ripped clothing, however trendy it is…

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Presenting first capsule wardrobe!!

So – black, white and blue shades with a few splashes of red – presenting my first capsule wardrobe AW 2017!!!!

I’m actually not following ANY rules here, it’s 35 pieces of clothing not counting outerwear and accessories. IF you saw how cramped my other wardrobe are you would  either be appalled or laugh out loud! There is nothing like a wardrobe-challenge to make you feel just a bit embarressed over how much money has been spent on clothes. 

But I’m letting that go. Clothes has been my hobby and my one indulgence (apart from travelling that I consider necessary for my mental health) so Why should I feel bad about it? 

I feel pretty content about my selection and will try and keep you updated on how I put them together. 

My wardrobe until Dec 25 includes:

  • 4 pair of jeans – 2 black, 2 blue
  • 1 black skirt
  • 9 dresses (I Love them! What can I  say?)
  • 5 Cardigans
  • 1 blazer (that bloody work conference or I would have had an extra top)
  • 9 blouses
  • 6 tops/camisoles 

It sounds a LOT but I SM already wondering if I should’ve included a heavy sweater? Well, in that case I will change one item…

Now wish me luck!!! 

My capsule wardrobe – moving on…

For those of you who are interested in my wardrobe I can only say – I´m messing around.

One day I want to skip navy as my base color number two, another I´m reconsidering vintage, and sometimes I look at minimalist-bloggers and wonder if it would be liberating to cut down to 15 pieces of clothing….

I even tried to imagine joining project 333 but realized it´s a step too far at this time in my life.

So I´m back to a capsule wardrobe, and I will shortly present what I´m considering to be my picks for the winter of 2017/18. You have to remember though, that Sweden is a country with four seasons and winters can be snowy and cold, or rainy and grey.

2016-11-10 16.46.39

Last year winter came early. And walking on footpaths like this demands hardware-shoes. No swanky booty heels here.

So I´ve decided to try and put together a wardrobe for Sept 25 until Dec 25. That means I have to consider a two-day work conference with a dinner, a fourday-trip with work to Geneva, a rock concert, a theatre show and Christmas as well as my busy workdays.

As for shoes and coats I will leave them out of my equation. Simply because I can´t predict the weather and in September I may need a winter coat or a jeansjacket…

I will also leave accessories out. I know project 333 doesn’t but to me a wardrobe is just TOO boring without accessories. And to be honest, my hoop earrings and swanky necklaces may be a few, but I haven´t bought any new for years.

I will probably sell some stuff and give some stuff away, but mostly I intend to re-use my huge pile of clothes and so I have a buying- BAN until December 27. That will be interesting! See you soon!

Re-claiming Paris

IMG_0510It has been 39 years since I last visited Paris, I was 20 at the time and like so many others I have talked to after that, I found it to be a hostile but beautiful city.

This trip, although short, has made me fall in love a little again. And i will certainly return.

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A walk on the old side and a start on my capsule wardrobe

Having the Teenage Mutant Ninja at home (he´s actually sleeping on my living-room floor on a mattress) not only improves my diet and exercise habits, I also am forced to be a little bit social…

Today, Sunday we decided to take the bus down to the Old Town (Gamla Stan) to watch the tourists and also have a look in the Science Fiction Book Store.

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Die schönen blauen…

You remember my color palette?


Here it is. As I´m taking the next step towards planning my wardrobe according to the vivienne-files I´m checking out my wardrobe as it is today. I´m not going to throw anything out right away, if I like it and its in line with the scheme – it´s staying. That goes for a lot of my dresses, and even a few dresses that are outside the box. Simply, I will not have to buy any new dresses for a while!

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