A doll´s house


The past 10 days I´ve been a newbie. I started a new job on March 1st and it has been and still is a transition period. In a good way I might add. But all the new people, new environment, new rules and new job areas means I have been totally wasted in the evenings. The fact that Spring never turns up doesn´t help. Some extra D-vitamin might, I´m trying that now.

But I don´t want to leave the blog un-updated for too long, so I thought I´d share something with you that the Nordic Museum reminded me of. My love of doll´s houses!

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And if I sit here quietly I can remember you again

Friday night was just like any other Friday, except son was home for a few days. I was tired from a hard week at work and rested a bit on my bed before making dinner, surrounded by the cats. They have never really more than barely accepted each other, so I wasn´t surprised when they hissed at each other. I picked up Maya from the bed and realized she was wet. Had she finally become too old and incontinent? I looked at my hand and it was blood.

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A proper January Muuuu


We haven´t had much of a winter in Stockholm this year. So far. But you always hold your breath as we enter January, because then the snow usually comes if not before. I took this photo Jan 8 and it was breathtakingly beautiful in the morning when I was going to work. It was´t really snow, just frost, but it was a warning that the weather is getting colder.

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Some reflections for 2018


If you don´t have a proper winter (thank you global warming) then you have to be flexible and work with what you have. This enthusiastic woman is in ski-training on the man-made snow at my local sports field. 

Deciding to take a more minimalistic approach to life and most of all things is really an eye-opener in many ways. It is in no way an easy struggle (because a struggle it is in many ways) but it has given me some insights about myself and my life and I will keep going forward.

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Happy new year!

Pondering New Year (old pic!)

I love New Years!! Not the party part of New Year´s, but the pondering, planning and looking into the future part of New Year. I always get a new calendar for the new year and then I start it off in a traditional way – I enter all the holidays that I´m off work and I make a preliminary plan for the other holidays. That always gets me in the right spirit!

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Let there be light!


When I was a child I lived in the north of Sweden for 8 years and the winters were a time of perpetual darkness. Once in a while you would get a northern light, which was amazing, but the rest of the time was total darkness. As a child I can´t remember that it had a huge impact on my life, but as I have grown older those months have become harder and harder to get through…

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A hundred names for snow


I woke up Monday morning and the first snow had come. It is the same thing every year. The first snow comes and chaos breaks out. That includes no commuter trains working, buses being cancelled because it´s too slippery on the roads and thousands of people with tired and drawn looks on their faces trying to get to work or home or just basically getting anywhere! It seems we all forget about it coming, every year, and are totally taken by surprise.  But we quickly adapt, and the first snow hardly ever stays, thankfully. So Tuesday was cold and the streets pretty clear from snow.

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Kindness, laziness and bedtime-stories

It seems to me Christmas is starting earlier every year, am I right or not? Most of my neighbors have decorated their balconies with lights, the way many Swedes do, and I am stubbornly holding on to December 1st. No, I´m not really a traditionalist, and I enjoy the lights, but I´m too lazy to go down to my basement-storage and take up the lights and fix whatever needs fixing. I will do it, just not yet.

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