A walk on the old side and a start on my capsule wardrobe

Having the Teenage Mutant Ninja at home (he´s actually sleeping on my living-room floor on a mattress) not only improves my diet and exercise habits, I also am forced to be a little bit social…

Today, Sunday we decided to take the bus down to the Old Town (Gamla Stan) to watch the tourists and also have a look in the Science Fiction Book Store.

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Die schönen blauen…

You remember my color palette?


Here it is. As I´m taking the next step towards planning my wardrobe according to the vivienne-files I´m checking out my wardrobe as it is today. I´m not going to throw anything out right away, if I like it and its in line with the scheme – it´s staying. That goes for a lot of my dresses, and even a few dresses that are outside the box. Simply, I will not have to buy any new dresses for a while!

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Style gurus

Whenever I am trying to find inspiration for my style I google, and like everyone else I also check out pinterest. But when it comes to style for women 50+, I have to say there isn´t much out there. At least not if you are a curvy lady, like myself. The curvy girls seem to loose their confidence once they hit the big Day. I am desperately looking for a style guru.

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Spring is here! (well, on it´s way I think)

IMG_0182We have had a long wait here in Scandinavia for Spring to arrive, but last weekend it exploded, people threw their jackets, and I´m sure a lot of them had to take sick-leave last week…

But, as it often is over here, the cold and the snow came back for a few days, and just like in a storybook my son used to love when he was a kid, the north wind and the gentle south wind have been fighting a battle this last week and weekend. But we have signs of Spring! Just look at those adorable first Spring flowers!

Personally I spent this weekend with a new blog-friend and OMG OMG OMG…

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