OMG my weekend is saved!

I´m still suffering from a really bad cold I managed to get just before my Windsor-holiday, and that plus the fact that I have had a hellish week in the mines (=work) means that I´m not really up to anything.

So trolling the internet (not really! I just look like a troll while I´m doing my searching) I picked up a tv-show that a lot of bloggers write about.

They are obviously going to make an American version, and looking for contestants, and I even Think there may be a Swedish version on the horizon. But I love Everything English so I stick with the originals!

Apart from being an older lady and not too keen on sitting and watching the telly on my laptop, I just love this show! And it does make me itching to get back on my sewing-projects!!

Weekend planner

So this weekend has been filled with boring stuff – like housecleaning, laundry and my most hated actvity:Ironing…

The thing is, when you have lots of pretty dresses the pile waiting to be ironed can grow pretty big. And if you Think boring stuff gets less boring because you grow older – Think again! It doesn´t. You just realise that boring stuff needs to be done. At some Point.

And this weekend I have been planning. Planning a trip that me and TOM (The Old Man) are going to do later this week (it´s a secret for now, but it´s gonna be fun!) and planning the packing (which is less fun but needs to be done) and starting to plan my sewing projects.

I had a bit of a splurge in my local fabric-shop the other day, so I decided to take out the unused fabrics and check what I have.

2014-03-02 16.51.07

Hmm – there is definitely a blue theme going on, right? Well, it is a nice change from black I guess! Some of the patterns have a bit of red or dark pink, so I might pick that up in accessories.

2014-03-02 16.51.18

These are what I´m planning to use for my pencilskirt and portrait-blouse. I have a tendency to change my mind, so let us see what will finally be:) At least I have now traced the patternpieces and made some adjustments. Next step will be a muslin. Don´t expect to see any more sewing projects for at least a month! I´m a newbie, after all.

Whats next? A few ideas.

I have been pondering what to do next, as my Jenny-Project has come to a close. And here are my thoughts.

I have been sewing a bit this autumn, mostly because in my work I write a lot and my main hobby is also writing and I simply need to relax doing something totally different. Combining fashion and a bit of budget-planning lead to taking up sewing after many, many years. I really am a beginner again. So I looked on the internet and found a number of interesting and inspiring ladies who sew vintageinspired or even real vintagepatterns. Being a large-framed girl I really like this, as “real” vintage clothes so often are in small sizes, and hunting for reproduction clothes not always get you what you want!

Among those bloggers I started to read was Gertie and her and ofcourse the accompanying book, which I just got.  Apart from being a useful handbook for a beginner, it also has a variety of patterns to try. And my new Project will simply be to sew myself through the book!

2014-02-23 12.35.342014-02-23 12.36.272014-02-23 12.36.53

So the pencilskirt and the portrait blouse seem easy enough, and will be my new Projects.

More than that? Well, don´t expect me to give up my Trashy Diva-fix just yet! I know there is a floral Little number coming into the stores soon that just has my name on it!!!