Looking for adventures

Since my move I haven’t really felt the need to be adventurous. I have settled in and enjoyed a good dinner, a coffee, senior activities and of course Uni. But this summer I decided to take it just a bit out of my comfort zone and try some new stuff.

In the summer months the council sponsors concerts and performances around the city, especially in my favorite park, which has a proper stage to be proud of. So I have been spoilt for choice when it comes to cultural adventures, but I have also got myself a Summer Card so I have been able to travel as much as I want June15-Aug15 for only 749 SEK. It’s never really far between communities in Skåne, but now when there is no pandemic regulations to blame I just have to admit that I’m a bit lazy!

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Easter Eggs and New Life

I´m not really friendly with the new WordPress-format, as it takes me forever to find drafts, images and edit. But I think I have to fill you in on my life now, because there are some major changes coming!

Finally Spring has come again, and like everywhere else in Europe we are still following cover-restrictions and waiting for the vaccines. People are getting impatient, and I get that, but hopefully it is just a few months left and then…

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Geneva 2: Where did the chocolate go?


A view from the plane. Beautiful isn´t it? Actually Switzerland has become a favorite amongst filmmakers in Bollywood. Yes, you read it right. Indian filmmakers in Bollywood just loves those mountains. And because of that and the huge impact Bollywood has on the youth in India, Switzerland has also become a favorite honeymoon-spot for young Indians. All according to a friendly steward I sat next to on my flight between Zurich and Geneva.

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The seven sins on a holiday:Gluttany! Lust!

2014-03-09 16.26.24

So here I am on my Little holiday in Windsor, enjoying a splendid Sunday Roast! The pub was called TwoBrewers, if you ever go to Windsor, and it was a Picture-perfect cottagey place with great food! TOM (The old man) even claimed I was looking like I was having an oral orgasm as I was enjoying my Sticky Toffee Pudding with warm custard sauce! So I guess I was getting one more sin of my list:LUST. There is nothing like a proper English pudding to get your libido going…

Dress is from Stop Staring via Modcloth, and they still have that model for sale! Love it, stretchy with lots of room for deadly sins:)

The Meat-fest: Dinner at AG

So just needed to update on the restaurant we Went to Saturday night.

AG is a meat-restaurant and by many considered THE meat-Place in Stockholm.


We booked a table about a month ago, and never having been Before I was surprised to find the restaurant was in a normal building and that we needed to enter a corridor and work our way up one or two stairs to the place. It has obviously been a silver smith´s shop Before, and the rustic elements has been kept in the decor, making it sort of noisy.

The restaurant is divide into two parts, a bar with tapas-menu and the actual restaurant. I must say the service was excellent, friendly and professional. And the meat was sensational!!! We had the most expensive piece of meat ever, and it was so totally worth it. Melted in my mouth literally!

I wouldn´t recommend the coctails unless you like boozy drinks, but there is a nice selection of beers and wine.

We will defintely go again, and for a Tourist in Stockholm wanting to experience the new Swedish chefs, I highly recommend AG.