Oops, I did it again!

This week could have been the start of something new, but I didn’t have the guts to hold my breath and jump. So instead I did it the way I usually do – I overanalyzed the situation, researched it and ended up the same as before.

Apart from one thing – my hair…

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November rain


Monday started with a bang this week, the office closed and everyone switched rooms. All part of a re-organization of the kind new bosses love to stick their teeth in. I´m sure you get my point.

I was supposed to sit somewhere else but after a discussion I managed to wrestle into a room I used to have five years ago, next to the coffee-machine. That will be handy when boredom strikes and I need coffee, or just to get me through my workload that is just massive atm. This is my Monday outfit – all black!

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A walk on the old side and a start on my capsule wardrobe

Having the Teenage Mutant Ninja at home (he´s actually sleeping on my living-room floor on a mattress) not only improves my diet and exercise habits, I also am forced to be a little bit social…

Today, Sunday we decided to take the bus down to the Old Town (Gamla Stan) to watch the tourists and also have a look in the Science Fiction Book Store.

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Die schönen blauen…

You remember my color palette?


Here it is. As I´m taking the next step towards planning my wardrobe according to the vivienne-files I´m checking out my wardrobe as it is today. I´m not going to throw anything out right away, if I like it and its in line with the scheme – it´s staying. That goes for a lot of my dresses, and even a few dresses that are outside the box. Simply, I will not have to buy any new dresses for a while!

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I´ts been a while

So it´s been awhile, but a lot of things seemes to come together to stop me in my tracks. Most dramatic being that my mother passed away after 6 years with Alzheimers disease. Even though you know it will happen at some point, it always comes as a surprise. Death I mean.

So I took a break from blogging and Writing and sewing to get things sorted out, but now I´m hoping to get back on track again!

Spring is well on it´s way too. But it´s just early days over here, so one day is gorgeous, another is just a huge set-back!  One of those chilly but sunny days (my 56th birthday actually!) I decided to take my new spring coat for a spin:)

This Beautiful White woolcoat is from Vintagevinden, a pop-upstore selling pristine vintagecoats and suits. Unfortuanetly I´m too big to fit into most things (I prefer curvy) but I have bought this classic coat with a matching scarf and a black trenchcoat. that just needs a bit of fixing…

Photo 2014-04-14 08 54 19



The seven sins on a holiday:Gluttany! Lust!

2014-03-09 16.26.24

So here I am on my Little holiday in Windsor, enjoying a splendid Sunday Roast! The pub was called TwoBrewers, if you ever go to Windsor, and it was a Picture-perfect cottagey place with great food! TOM (The old man) even claimed I was looking like I was having an oral orgasm as I was enjoying my Sticky Toffee Pudding with warm custard sauce! So I guess I was getting one more sin of my list:LUST. There is nothing like a proper English pudding to get your libido going…

Dress is from Stop Staring via Modcloth, and they still have that model for sale! Love it, stretchy with lots of room for deadly sins:)

Daily outfit!

I bet you thought I´d given up?

Nope, not me!

But ofcourse I´ve had a lot on my plate this week and with the Jenny-Project done and over with (a different outfit every day until my colleaugue Jenny left for a new position) I needed to rest a bit. But there are still outfits in my wardrobe to share.

Actually, I´m almost a bit embaressed by the amount of stuff I have. Because this Project has highlighted the fact that I just can´t say “I have nothing to wear today!” anymore. Unless Everything is dirty and needs a wash. Or I get to fat to fit anything. Both very good ideas if you want to renew a wardrobe!!

Well, I have no problems with my curvy body. It takes all sizes to make up this world, and this is me:)

2014-02-28 11.37.52

Some dresses and SHAPEs look better than others, I admit. I´m not sure about this one as far as looks go, I really need to loose the potbelly:)) But it is very COMFY! Dress was made by Mrs Murphy, a designer who only made one single line for fun and sold them in the Daisy Dapper-shop in Stockholm. There were 4 different designs if I remember correctly, and then there were no more. To bad, because they were all lovely.  Bolero is from Monsoon.