My September frolic

Taking long walks in the northern cemetery in Lund is really relaxing, such a beautiful final resting-place.

September passed so quickly, in the blink of an eye, that even though I planned to write time wasn’t on my side. After a somewhat lonely summer my life was suddenly filled with people and events. 

I did get omikron at the end of August, and missed the re-enactment I had been looking forward to, I also felt really down (I wouldn’t say depressed) for a few weeks after the fever had gone, and questioned my life in so many ways. Being sick also put an end to my plan to study Danish for the first part of the term at University. But maybe that was just as well:) – did you know Danish is considered one of the hardest languages in the world to learn for an outsider? 

When I got back on my feet after being sick I  got on with life. Booked and planned things I really wanted to do and even doing a few things that was out of my comfort zone…

In July I visited the Archive Centre South to see if maybe I should take up my long forgotten genealogy research. I was inspired and so I signed up for a course for beginners, that started in September. It has been very revealing and interesting and very much a suitable topic for its own blogpost! 

I went to see a performance at the local theatre, been to my short story reading-circle, to lectures on NATO and listening to writers that I like presenting new books, and enjoying the Night of Culture and the Harvest Festival in the Town Park! 

And of course there was an election on September 11. Let’s conclude that the devastating date (which also happens to be the birthday of my ex-husband!) somehow coincided with the results…The Swedish Democrats became the second largest party in the Parliament and, even though they will not be in the Government, they will have a decidedly strong influence on the politics that the Conservative Government will lead. It will be a long four years ahead. I feel the world is slowly going crazy and over the edge.

Taking my mind off all such dark thoughts I went on a bus-excursion with the Senior Organisation to Wallåkra, a beautiful pottery in the northern parts of Skåne and also visited a local winery in Arild, which sounds strange but obviously works due to the microclimate between the sea and the valleys. It was a beautiful day with crisp air and sudden bursts of sunshine, and the food was lovely too!


The landscape in the northwest of Skåne is beautiful and slightly rugged compared to the soft valleys and hills in the southeast, well worth a visit. Now and then you can see the sea, and I realize how much I miss being near water sometimes.


I see these excursions as a good opportunity to observe people, and this time around I ended up next to a very amper and forceful woman on the way home in the bus. She was very angry that someone had “taken” her seat in the bus (they were not reserved of course, but people have a tendency to “claim” a seat from the moment they embark!) and ended up next to me, which I’m sure displeased her awfully. I realized afterwards that she probably thought I should have given up my seat for her friend, but I didn’t, and instead took an opportunity to try and charm her. It went so-so, but in the end we had an interesting conversation (she is a former judge after all) and I got some inspiration for a character in my writing! 




On these excursions, and most senior activities to be truthful, women are in majority. Still it has been really hard to make friends. With a “friend” I don’t necessarily mean someone who knows all about your past or the deep hollows in your soul, but just someone who calls once in a while to get a coffee or go to the movies. But in my generation women still seem to be really hooked on being in a couple, and even though I made some progress I still find myself lonely sometimes.

To be honest, it is easier to become friendly with the younger generation. I’ve had coffee with a young woman I met while studying The Old Norse Saga, and I´m in contact with some other younger people I’ve met through gaming and going to lectures. I’ve come to the conclusion that settling in a new town takes time, and so I let it. I am hopeful it will still turn out fine in the end.