Summer sum up

Summer is coming to an end, and it has been a horrid warm one, one of the warmest in Europe for 500 years. Climate change is really here now, and I honestly think it is too late to turn it around. We (humans) have screwed up, simple as that. But of course I don’t think about climate challenge all the time (even though maybe I should, and maybe I do more than what is healthy) the world is a bit messed up in other ways too right now. Summing up the summer of 2022 I stayed at home, enjoyed my town and did some excursions, met some people and bought way too many new clothes (not good for the climate).

In August my brother came for a long weekend, and my son came for a week (not together though). After a Summer when I was a bit lonely, it felt like everything happened at the same time. But it was nice to have company.

My brother showed an unexpected passion for flowers, so we took a long stroll to Botaniska and enjoyed the dahlias. They were really, really lovely!

We had some lovely dinners, visited an outdoor quiz evening and drank a lot of coffee. With son here we didn’t do as much, simply because he got covid on the train coming here, and was put to bed after a few days. When he was okey again, he had to go back to Stockholm, and of course – then I was sick!

3 shots and being super careful for 2 1/2 years – but in the end that virus gets you anyway! I know I hade mild symtoms, I guess any symtoms are mild as long as you don’t end up in ICU, but I felt horrible for 3-4 days, with a fluctuating fever and a terrible headache. But I got through it.

And that was my summer.