Looking for adventures

Since my move I haven’t really felt the need to be adventurous. I have settled in and enjoyed a good dinner, a coffee, senior activities and of course Uni. But this summer I decided to take it just a bit out of my comfort zone and try some new stuff.

In the summer months the council sponsors concerts and performances around the city, especially in my favorite park, which has a proper stage to be proud of. So I have been spoilt for choice when it comes to cultural adventures, but I have also got myself a Summer Card so I have been able to travel as much as I want June15-Aug15 for only 749 SEK. It’s never really far between communities in Skåne, but now when there is no pandemic regulations to blame I just have to admit that I’m a bit lazy!

But being lazy I still take daily walks in my nearest park, and watching the concerts while enjoying an ice cream is just a perfect evening activity. Being lazy means I’m not enduring rain, so some of my concerts have been cancelled. There is no way I’m sitting in a tropical rain under an umbrella for ANY artist! I still feel for the hundreds of young girls who were camping out in Malmö for Justin Bieber the other night, while rain was just pouring down…I know it’s a choice, but love can make you do really stupid things, right?

Talking about Malmö, this is where I went a couple of weeks ago on a nice sunny day. It’s not a pretty city like Lund, but it can be vibrant and exciting. I took the train to Triangeln, a modern and newly built station, and walked through the city back to the Central Station, stopping for a coffee and a sandwich and some shopping. I did NOT visit the Disgusting Food Museum, but noticed quite a few tourists in there. I really can’t imagine why you would like to go to a museum with disgusting food, unless maybe you are on a strict diet?

Malmö is a 15 minute train ride from Lund, and still the ambience is totally different. If it’s good or bad, depends on your mood I guess. I think I will go there more often in the future, simply for a change of pace and environment. But I loved getting back home again after that day.

Another beautiful day I went to Lomma. It’s a small seaside community just a 15-minute busride from Lund. I remembered a lady from my book-circle mentioning Lomma when I talked about yearning for water at times (Stockholm is the Venice of the North after all). It was not a bad substitute to be honest. And the kiosk that served fish´n´chips was pretty good. Couldn’t help myself! I love fish´n´chips when it is prepared well. Even if I missed the mushy peas.

Going down to one of the beaches afterwards I realized I have childhood-memories from Lomma. My parents were not much of beach-people. But one summer I was enlisted in Learning-to-Swim-class, and every day the kids were sent of on a bus to Lomma Beach for lessons. It included a glass of milk and nice cinnamon bun. The bun is what stuck in my memory, I don’t think I learned to swim that Summer…

All this adventuring is taking it’s toll on me:) so I needed a really quiet and calm day, that also happened to be a very warm one.

And what better way to relax than with a small bowl of gruyere-cheese and a glass of crispy champagne?


2 thoughts on “Looking for adventures

  1. How beautiful your area is – it seems to have just about everything you could ever want in terms of keeping you busy. How delightful and how delightful to have a nice cold glass of chamagne and some cheese – bliss!

    • Hi Juliet! So nice to hear from you:) – yes, Lund is beautiful, and as I venture out into Skåne I hope to find more beautiful places. I rarely drink alcohol these days but a glass of bubbly once in a while is a luxury I love.

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