After the rain

We had almost two weeks of disgusting heat, and it even lasted over Midsummer! I can’t remember when we had a Midsummer without rain…but this year we did. It was almost a bit strange. And to be honest – I’m not a fan of really warm weather, apart from the fact that it reminds me we are f*****g up the planet!

I´m not much of a bath-person either, whether it is pool or ocean, I will hardly ever be seen in a swimsuit. A few years ago, after a separation, I went to Mallorca for a week in June and it was relaxing and I even did a few hours on a sunbed, in the shadow, but mostly I spent my time in the spa. That is probably as much of a sun-worshipper as I will ever be!

So I spent my Midsummer drinking coffee on my balcony and enjoying the quiet and beauty of an almost empty town! After Midsummer the roses were in bloom, so I enjoyed walking around and watching and sniffing beauties wherever I could. If I did ever get a proper garden roses would probably be my thing (or hortensias or peonies, I love those too!). I once tried to plant a rose in a pot on my balcony but it didn’t work, my rose died pretty soon and had all kinds of nasty bugs…

I had plans for the summer aka writing my novel. So far nothing has come of that. So even though it is on my mind most days, I still haven’t processed it fully. Scenes and ideas come up, but then when I sit down to write – nothing. I’m not going to be depressed about it, I think the text will come when it’s ready. Or not.

Instead I have tried to fight off a smallish depression and bout of loneliness by getting around. I have signed up for a Find Your heritage-class in September, been admitted to an Introduction to Danish (still hoping to getting in to the newbie-French, but it is sooo popular!) at the University and I’ve checked out some of the free entertainment that the City Council offers during the summer months.

There was a lovely Retro Picnic in the Park-event with high wheel bikes doing a race. I was so impressed by the men and women who raced – it looked quite dangerous to be honest!

I went just a little bit retro. I don’t have many vintage-themed dresses left in my wardrobe but I did have this one from Emmy Design, so I put it on and had a bit of fun. There has been a few concerts in the Park as well, and when the weather is good it is the perfect spot to enjoy music.

Tonight there is a show in the Park about Edith Piaf, but the rain is keeping me from going. Just watching the trees outside from my cosy sofa is enough Saturday Entertainment this week. Soon my brother will turn up for a few days, and the week after that son will come to be fed for a few days…Keep fingers crossed I will make into the French Introduction Course! Or I will have to tackle one of the most difficult languages on Earth (Danish). I think I will know on Tuesday…