May mayhem!


Every four years there is a carnival in Lund, designed and orchestrated by the students at the university. It is an oooooold tradition, since 1848, and this year would be my second carnival ever. When I grew up here I visited with my babysitter, just before our family moved north, and I was 8. I can’t say I remember much of the carnival, but I do remember the crowds and a very embarrassing incident involving peeing myself because I was too shy to let anyone know I needed a toilet in the crowd. Guess, there was a life lesson to be learned there…

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The cherry and apple-trees outside my house is in full blossom, it’s so pretty!

Hello friends! I’m still totally obsessed by Spring down here in the south of Sweden, and enjoying every daily walk as I explore the town and discover new beautiful places. In Stockholm we had cherry-blossom trees and it was a real event in the central area of Kungsträdgården every year. Down here we have cherry but also apple-blossoms and the magnificent magnolias that has a problem surviving further north. Spring is probably the most beautiful season down here in Skåne!

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