Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?

Well, yesterday was my birthday, my first in Lund since I moved here exactly 10 months ago. I turned 64, which is a strange number, not really old but not really young either. Most people in Sweden think of retirement-age as being 65 or older (67 being the age when your employer can ask you to leave atm) but I have already been retired for almost two years, I have finished a year in community college doing some writing and I have moved to the city I have loved and adored since I was a kid. So what is left to do?

All birthdays are a time for reflection, and the older I get the more reflective I get. Up to the point where I am almost glad to be alone and being able to spend my time just thinking:), but after two years of thinking of my own maybe this is the time to stretch my mind a bit? The time to go outside of my comfort zone and see some new stuff, maybe even travel??

I just bought myself a travel-card to be able to travel all of Skåne freely for a month, and as the lovely Spring is here I have a month of excursions planned in my calendar. Not forgetting I do have an exam in Modern Japanese History at the end of May. And because pandemic restrictions are gone the town is buzzing with excitement over the University Carneval, Summer concerts and not forgetting the Last of April Festivities!

Everywhere around town are bushes and trees and branches dressed with Easter feathers in beautiful colors, often in yellow and blue which is the Ukrainian but also the Swedish colors. It does give the town a festive Easter! Alongside the Spring blossoms that never cease to amaze me, as Stockholm hardly experienced Spring at all, just going from winter to summer over a few weeks.

Son has come to visit for a week, and we celebrated my birthday by having dinner at a really nice restaurant Klostergatans Vin & Delikatesser, a French bistro-type of place and, as it turned out, great food! I have passed this restaurant almost daily but this was my first time eating there, but certainly not my last. I had duck croquettes, a beautiful lamb-dish and a boozy coffee for dessert.

Son gave me a new cook-book for my birthday, and it looks like great fun being filled with Asian-type recipes, a fusion between Korean, Japanese and Chinese recipes. The author Jennie Walldén won the Swedish Maste-Chef a few years back and being one of her Instagram-followers I have already tried out some of her stuff successfully. I even finally got a proper rice-cooker because of her!

Now I’m also slowly starting to plan for a holiday abroad. In the fall I think. I have a bucket-list, but maybe I should let that go? Have you got any suggestions for a long weekend or maybe a week in November? I don’t need to spend it basking in the sun, I just want to sip a coffee and do some people-watching…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next year with anticipation and hoping the world will come to its senses…

2 thoughts on “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?

  1. No suggestions as to travel but just wanted to say I enjoy your writing and those lovely Spring photos. I am in Wisconsin USA and though we have a few daffodils and my Siberian Squill is blooming, we will have below freezing temperatures for the next few days. It does not feel like Spring here yet!

    • Thank you Denise for commenting, and welcome to my blog! I love Spring and just enjoy the fact that here I Lund it is on from March (even late February if you are openminded) until May! I hope to catch the magnolias and some of the other spring and early summer signs soon…

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