Pieces of this and that

See, I can write regurlarly when I set my mind to it! I can’t promise I’ll manage to keep it up though…

This photo is from outside my university-halls and also the Museum of Sketches which is just opposite. I loved this state of the girl and the hare and kiss she blows…

The war is here to stay and it is strange and scaring how quickly we adapt to its existence. As the initial terror and fear subsides you continue on with your life, knowing that two hours south on a plane people are still fighting for their lives and hiding in bunkers. If I believed in a God I would pray every night for Justice to strike a certain man in Russia, and peace to come. But I’m not religious, I’m just hoping.

This week´s big topic is of course the Slap at the Oscars. I guess we are already getting used to the war, and so we turn to diversions. Not much of a diversion to see a giant of a man hit a smaller one in front of millions of TV-viewers, is it…?

Kind of reminded me about bullying, bigger kids hitting smaller ones, dictators invading….oh well, Will Smith is after all just an entitled Hollywood-actor and not a Russian despot.

Apart from the abominable behavior on Will Smiths part, the Slap also opened up interesting discussions on ableism, cancel culture and toxic masculinity. Hornets nests all of them if you ask me. Being a boomer I’m supposed to shut up on the subjects, but I’ll take my chances. And the thing is I think alopecia, as tough as it is, is not a disability. Not more a disability than i.e. peanut-allergy, which can actually kill you. So if it is not a disability, ableism is out of the question. I understand loosing your hair as a man or a woman is hard and sad, but just like my arthritis is hard and sad because I can’t walk around as I wish anymore, it is not a disability and I refuse to become a martyr. The joke from Chris Rock wasn’t very funny, but that is an entirely different discussion. And if you can’t joke about peanut-allergies and peoples choice of hair-cuts (and it is a choice to walk proud and bald, my aunt who had alopecia wore a wig all her life), or LBGHT+ or race or age or body positivity or arthritis or more and less anything else, what is left in the world to laugh about? The saddest and the most horrid things can be handled with a laugh, it is actually liberating.

As the war continues in Ukraine, I am struggling to become a better person. To speak up on things, to try and loose weight (be more healthy), to think more environmentally-friendly and to finish a lot of projects that I have had hanging for the last two years for obvious reasons. Another thing I haven’t been bothered about for the last two years is what I wear. Slowly taking baby-steps into makeup and fashion again.

This week I was going through my wardrobe to see what I can and cannot wear this season. I have loads of clothes, and I need restraint so I’m trying to “shop my wardrobe”. I’m doing so-so on that one. Couldn’t help myself when I saw Iris Apfel promote a great colorful collection on H&M that was actually size-inclusive. Well, well see when it arrives, shall we? So in the meantime I’m trying on stuff in my existing wardrobe and trying to find a new style in my new “size-inclusive” post-pandemic body. Just remember that I have no makeup on, and don’t judge!

I notice I am slowly developing the turkey-neck that my mother and all my aunties had. I guess I should wear it proudly? “cluck, cluck”.

I am also considering getting a short haircut again. I love Judi Dench in her short Pixie-cut and you may remember I had one similar while my hair grew out grey, but I have been trying to grow it out long for some time now. I love long grey hair on other women, and longer hair is a lot more versatile. Question is, do I have the patience? I guess, we will just have to wait and see.