Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?

Well, yesterday was my birthday, my first in Lund since I moved here exactly 10 months ago. I turned 64, which is a strange number, not really old but not really young either. Most people in Sweden think of retirement-age as being 65 or older (67 being the age when your employer can ask you to leave atm) but I have already been retired for almost two years, I have finished a year in community college doing some writing and I have moved to the city I have loved and adored since I was a kid. So what is left to do?

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Pieces of this and that

See, I can write regurlarly when I set my mind to it! I can’t promise I’ll manage to keep it up though…

This photo is from outside my university-halls and also the Museum of Sketches which is just opposite. I loved this state of the girl and the hare and kiss she blows…

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