As hats come off and shades put on

It’s not the best photo ever taken, but this is actually as the hat/roof/spire of the church is taken down for renovation in my hometown of Lund last week. This was actually THE event of the week, as the Cathedral has been around for a 1000 years and the roof of the two towers has been there since 1850. So it will most probably be a once-in-a-lifetime-event for me…

I’m still totally in love with this town, and the fact that I can once again experience Spring! In Stockholm Spring is a two-week period in April or May, just before Summer arrives, but down here in the south Spring is a Thing! And when I take my daily walks I enjoy watching the flowers and the colors, and most recently the sun, sooooo much. 


A few weeks ago I was at the Botanical Gardens in Lund, and visited the old greenhouses. It was one of those excursions that the Senior Association that I belong to arranged, and I really like those guided tours  that give you some information that you otherwise would miss or overlook. The greenhouses are about to be renovated (right now everything seems to be renovated, is it a covid-effect?) and closed for a few years, so it really was a last minute thing. They are not big, but old and beautiful and because of the  university the gardens have some really interesting plants. 

This plant is one of a very few that exists of this particular species. Brought back by an adventurer (!Jeez, what a job-title!) in the late 19th century when the gardens were new. And now it is a rarity. Doesn’t look much, but the really special things often doesn’t, right? 


The orchids were magnificent of course, but the small Chinese hens were even more adorable! (Terrible photo, I know, but they were soooooo quick!). They were running around all over the greenhouses. Why? I haven’t got a clue, I didn’t listen at the time but guessing they are part of the environmentally friendly projects they have going on (=eating bugs?).


As lockdown, as we know it in Sweden, is over and people are starting to move around again as normal, I have started to use makeup and dress up again! Not in a big way, just a little bit step by step…

I wish I could say I haven’t bought a lot of new clothes, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be true. It is after all my favorite hobby! But I think I have changed my perspective a little bit. It is more about comfort and I prioritize quality over quantity as I add to my wardrobe. I will show you some of the things I worn this week, as I went to the Gardens, did some shopping and had classes in Japanese History at the Uni.