In the shadow of war and spring

So Have spent the last 10 days with my first ever home examination in Old Japanese History, finished it late Friday night, and between reading and writing I have followed the appalling newsreels from Ukraine, where people have been slaughtered or running for their lives. 


This sign at my local post-delivery place says post to and from Russia and Ukraine may be delayed at this time. Really???

I decided 10 days ago that I will keep up with the news morning, lunch and evening, because it was starting to impact me too much. I was crying a lot and it was not healthy. But I still get really upset when I see comments on the line of “whataboutism”, and of course I cry a bit when I do read the news. But not ALL the time. I’m researching possibilities to do some good, but so far rather few refugees have come to my part of the work, so I’ll wait. And get my crisis-box in order. 


A few years ago the Swedish government sent out a leaflet to us all where we were told to have a crisis-box with emergency-food, a radio, a torch and stuff like that. I cannot remember what the crisis was at the time, but when covid came we had a reminder that we should have one.  think I stacked up on food and toilet-paper and that was about that. World War 3 seemed far away. Not anymore though. 


I just got a delivery of a small kitchens I can use outdoors, or indoors without electricity. And I’m waiting for water-containers and a radio. Ordered it on Facebook though, so I guess it will come from China sometime this summer…I should have known better than order it there, but in my defense it was sold out everywhere else! Ofcourse I have stocked up on food with long durability and checked my nearest shelter. Like everyone else more or less. 

My short story-club (like a book-club, but we read only short stories!) met last week and realized we have all been checking our shelters. A strange bond in strange times. 


I never thought I’d think about surviving a war, but I guess neither did the Ukrainians who are now trying to flee their country or hide in their basements. It is disgusting and horrible. 

So I have been taking long walks and tried to find a glimmer of hope somewhere. As Spring comes early to the south of Sweden, I have been lucky and have found some comfort in taking photos of it. And I have eaten a lot of cakes, my comfort food, and is now fatter than ever. If I manage to find a good reason for it, I just might try and do something about it. Maybe.