A human being or a turd?

Outside the community hall the Ukrainian flag is proudly waving in the windy Spring weather. On the market square people are gathering on the weekends showing support for the Ukrainian people. Not because they believe they can persuade Putin to stop the war, but because this feeling of total helplessness needs an outlet, you need to do something, right?


The magnolia trees in the Botanical garden are just on the verge of bursting into flowers, and right now they give me some kind of comfort. 

I vey rarely write about politics in this blog, even though it is part of my daily life. But in these times it is hard not to. To be honest with you I was pretty confident that Putin would start a military intervention in Ukraine right after the Olympics. He wouldn’t piss of China with ruining the Olympics, but the gathering of the military on the borders said it all. However like most of Europe I didn’t believe he would make a full invasion and throw us all into WWIII-mode. But he did. 

The Ukrainian people are fighting back, heroically, and every day this war is getting worse and more dirty.  Women and children try and leave the country if they can, and people all over Europe are opening their homes, helping out any way they can, and right now I think we are just seeing the start of this human catastrophe. 

To pretend in the midst of all this that everything is fine would be a lie, and even though I’m trying to be as level-headed and realistic as I can, I keep bursting out in tears. Yes, I’m scared and I’m angry and I’m deeply grieved by what is going on in Ukraine. I am donating money (Red Cross and UNHCR being my choices atm) and trying to work out if there are any charity-work I can do, while actually prepping for war. 

Yes, we are told to prepare and it’s such a horrendous thought that I can hardly bare to write it. 

But even as I am scared and cry all the time I still support the Ukrainian people and their fight for their country. And I do think Sweden is doing the right thing to send military material to them, and sanctioning Russia in any way we can. Yes, we are gonna pay a price in higher gasoline and food prices – but to be honest, isn’t democracy worth it? 

And I comfort myself with the words of Astrid Lindgren in  “Brothers Lionheart” that I have on a cherished coffee-mug “Sometimes you have to do the difficult and hard things, or you are not a human just a small turd”.