Surviving the bubble?

So all the recommendations on social distancing etc has been cancelled except for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Thankfully they are few (but loud!) in Sweden, so things are slowly getting back to “normal”. But will it ever?

As I am slowly trying to reset my mind I realize that there are things I’ve been very comfortable with. I’m not a very extrovert person, rather introvert actually but with sociable manners, and I have had few problems surviving on my own. Now I find it rather hard to acknowledge that I am in fact rather alone in a new city and am supposed to throw myself into a social life I do not have. And am not sure I want.

Another thing on my mind is traveling-plans. I always imagined I would spend my retirement years on the go, until I kicked the bucket. Now I’m not so sure I want to anymore. There are certainly places I want to go, and places I want to see, experience and immerse myself in. But with the last years hot summers, reports of natural catastrophes coming from around the world and the climate change becoming more of a reality, I am haunted by a bad conscious whenever I think about travelling far by plane. For now my plan is to maybe do a few long trips during the next ten years, and then stay on the ground for whatever trips I want to do. I will be investigating trains mostly! I was reminded by Facebook that it is 3 years since I went to Andalusia, and that was a great trip. But it will take me some time to dare doing something like that again, as I haven’t ventured very far (except for my move of course!) during the last two years. Actually, since I moved to Lund, I have only twice been outside of this town! One weekend I visited son in Stockholm, and one day I craved the ocean-view so I went to Ystad. I think I will have to practice being more adventurous this Spring.

I have started my Creative Writing Course, and have not made up my mind about it yet. It is fully online, so very practical in that sense, but so far I don’t feel that it is quite as serious in it’s intent as the previous class I took. However I think I am slowly getting a grip on my project, so that is great.

I am also taking a class at University in Japanese History, which is really interesting. Maybe I’m taking on a little bit too much by doing two courses, but I really don’t want to choose between them. I’ll just wait and see how it works out.

Waiting patiently has been something I have learned during these two years. I used to rush into things, and then rush out of them too. Now I stay and wait when I get the urge to rush out. Sometimes things fall into place and something good comes out of it, just by pausing and waiting. And if they don’t you can at least leave being absolutely sure it was the right decision.

Right now pausing and waiting seems to be the thing to do, and then we will see…

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  1. Fabulous post – I think we must be quite similar, I like my own company but moving to a new place does challenge how much of our own company we like. I have to admit I am not so sure about the effort of being too social these days, quality – not quantity

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