Twinkle, twinkle…

The beautiful trees are coming up around town, this one is outside the Grand Hotel (yes, we have one of those in Lund!) and it makes my heart flutter every time I pass it, as it is so beautiful! I managed to take a photo with snow, but here in the south of Sweden snow usually disappears as fast as it arrives. To be honest that’s how I like it, my wobbly knees don’t like to handle slippery streets…

I can’t help wondering who’s job it is to light all those lights around town? This is also outside the Grand, but there are more places with lights and it is magnificent! Update: I did catch a glimpse of the guys changing the lights and then lighting them very old-school. What a job!

I’ve been a busy bee – on Thursdays I have been to University classes, in between working on my assignments and preparing presentations. I have been to lectures on all kinds of subjects, joined a book club and a writing class… It’s been so much fun, but also a lot of work. Now it has all suddenly come to a halt as Christmas is approaching.

I’ve had my last class in The Old Icelandic Heritage and passed with distinction (yes, I’m proud of it!). I’ve never really read the old Sagas before, and now I’ve spent a whole term reading Sagas and Poetic eddas, and it’s been fascinating.

The students have been an international crowd so all assignments and presentations have been in English, a really good opportunity to practice my English skills as well.

This Spring I will go to another community college Creative Writing Course, and I look forward to that with some apprehension. My work-in-progress that I applied with and will work on is emotionally hard to write – but I think it can actually be pretty good.

Just so you know, I screwed up and updated the post “Just been busy” because I couldn’t find this draft I have been working on for some time. So if you read this, you don’t need to go back! I’m really a nutter sometimes…

All the trees around town have different themes, this one in front of my favorite coffee-shop has music-theme.

The Christmas decorations around town are so pretty and it makes me happy to walk around and enjoy them. Since it gets dark here around 16 right now, I often stop and just admire on my way from the shops or the University.

My Christmas and New Years will be spent with son who is coming down from Stockholm, and to be honest, to be enjoying free board and meals…He always sends me lists of things he wants us to “Try and cook” while we are together. But sorry son, it may not happen! Mumsy is lazy…On the other hand I know he is poor at the moment, so I might spoil him a bit.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and hopefully my resolution of blogging slightly more often next year just might be the one I keep? Until next time.