Just being busy


Well, its been awhile, and I can tell because WordPress has now introduced new stuff that makes it even harder to blog…

But I have been busy. And while I have been busy integrating in my new town the sunflowers in the park has blossomed and died and the weather has turned grey and bleak and soon it is Christmas and New Years and hopefully a better year in front of us, 2022. However, I should not complain! My new hometown is delivering…

Before the weather went very rainy and bleak in November it was just lovely and I took long walks around town. I have lived here for six months now and only ventured to the coast once. Just didn’t have a reason to go anywhere, I guess! But I will get more adventurous as the pandemic slowly disappears. But at the moment it feels too risky still. The graveyards in the city are huge and mysterious and quite lovely for long promenades. I can just imagine beautiful ladies and gentlemen strolling here at the beginning of the last century and feeling the gothic vibes. Recently I also found out that a few famous people are laid to rest here, it’s a project to investigate.

So what have I been up to? Well, I have been taking a class at University called Old Icelandic heritage and culture. It was just for fun and as classes were once a week, not too hard either. But involving more work than I had imagined. But I have also become quite interested in the old Vikings and their literature and language. Maybe worth a blogpost?

Then I have been participating in some senior activities like a pub evening, and a book-club and some excursions. It is rather hopeless for a 63-yearold to get new friends in the senior community I think, as most of the members are older. But its nice company and especially the book-club is a nice activity and giving me a reason to read things I normally wouldn’t read. At the last gathering before Christmas I read a text I wrote last year in my Creative Writing Course. Quite scary to let it out there among “normal” people, but it went fairly well. No-one said it was crap, but I guess they are a polite bunch:)

I have also been to a few writers-meetings (I don’t know if there is an English word for this?) where I have listened to writers talking about their books and their writing-process. All this is of course something I do to keep up my writing. So far no good… But I’m mulling and I know that when I stop mulling and start writing, it will be something there to write about, so I’m letting the process continue. I started a short writing-class for fun, but it was not my cup of tea. An older man (quite well-known in these parts) was mostly talking about his own greatness. But then I decided to send in my work-in-progress to another community college and was accepted for Spring term, so that will be my new area for writing. I’m a bit hesitant, partly because my WOP is so emotionally hard to write, and partly because I’m not sure I want to take another community college course, but I do need to get my writing on track, and this is a way to do it.

After I had a health-scare at the beginning of the summer, I decided to be more health-conscious – taking walks and going to the gym. I did pretty well but had a few scary falls due to my weak knees and so I got an app from Joint Academy (very funny name!) and have been doing their program daily or almost daily (I’m lazy that way!) for 12 weeks. I will go on for another 12 weeks now and then see if I will get a new gym membership. I think I will. There is just so much you can do at home, and I do like the gym to be honest.

I also pulled myself together and went to the optician to have a new prescription. I did get new glasses a few years back, but I have wanted to get a new prescription for contact lenses for some time but haven’t got round to it. Finally I did, and got another health scare as I had a high pressure in my eyes. Luckily it was also a scare, and there was nothing wrong in the end. But as a result I ordered two pairs of new glasses on top of the new contact lenses! I got them dirt cheap from an online company (but on prescription ofc) so they are not as well fitted as the bloody expensive ones, but they do the job and I feel better when I know I have two spares if anything happens to my best glasses. And IT IS fun to experiment!!

Time flies when you are having fun, and I do:) Next year I will do my writing class, do an evening-course in Japan History (I love History!) at the University, and keep doing what I’m doing. I have also decided to make an effort and not buy clothes next year. It’s a climate-effort on my part, but honestly I spend WAY too much on textiles…I also need to loose my pandemic weight, so my New Years resolutions are obvious!

Let’s see if we can meet up more regularly next year, I think that will be another resolution!

Just gonna leave you here now with some unsorted pictures of my new life and hopefully we will meet soon again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!