Lazy Sundays

As a retired lady in my prime I don’t really need to follow a calendar. I can sleep all day and party all night. But even though I CAN, I don’t. And even though weekends are not as important as days of rest as they used to be, they are still pretty lazy.

I walk in Stadsparken in Lund several times a week. It is not a huge park, it takes me approximately 30 minutes to walk around it, but there is always something to get my attention, and it is really the heart of the city! People play, picnic, take their kids there, jog, walk, talk and basically live there all year round. Because of the lake in the middle it also attracts a lot of birds, which you are not allowed to feed. The gardeners have also made a splendid job of keeping some parts wild, some modern and some parts classic with flower arrangements and statues. You will probably see a lot of photos of the park in this blog.

Fika is a Scandinavian/Swedish thing and means a coffee and a cake basically. Its nothing scans about that you might argue, but here it is basically a religion! At work you have a fika-break in the afternoon in most offices, and on Fridays usually with cake. You also do your afternoon-pika at home and in the weekends.

These days I sometimes bake a cake or a pie and then enjoy it one piece a day for as long as it lasts even when its not a Friday (there is a reason I need to diet!)…It is my afternoon-break with a nice TV-show or a book or maybe enjoying the nice weather on the balcony.

Next week all the students are going back to University and school, and even if some are still doing it on Google Meets and Zoom, more and more will be back in the classroom as the young ones get vaccinated too. I have pretty filled calendar this autumn! I’m taking a course at University of Lund once a week, I’ve signed up for Senior University who do lectures now and again, I’ve signed up for a few interesting excursions that the Seniorerna are arranging (they are an organisation for people who have retired to some extent) and I’m taking a writing-course in November! As always I have big ideas during the summer, but then following through and do all the things I plan is a different matter! This year is my first as a proper retired woman and I think it is important that I keep doing things. I also see it as a time to find my own path in this retirement – will I meet new friends, will I write that book finally or do I just want to relax? Let us see!


I try and be a more healthier person (except for cake!) and so I try and fit in two days at the gym, and proper power walks 3 times a week. It hasn’t shown on the scales yet, but I’m hopeful. I tried on my dresses today and realized I’m slowly getting back my waist! But its still a long way to go.

Lund is in the south of Sweden, really close to Denmark, and it is also here most of the Swedish food Industry is situated, when we talk veggies and fruit. So no surprise that I have been able to find really great local produce here! That means I have enjoyed shopping food and cooking and usually on Sundays. It is a bit boring to cook a beautiful chicken like that and have to eat it for four days…as I am alone most of the time, but good food is good food, right? Today I made a huge batch of the French veggie-stew Ratatouille, and froze it. The chicken is a recipe from Jamie Oliver and his cookbook based on 5 Ingredients. I think I have at least 6 Jamie cookbooks, and I like them because the recipes are easy and everyday-friendly! My son keep sending me youtube-clips of Gordon Ramsay cooking it up, and I do his recipes too:) A favorite is the avocado toast with chili and lemon crust.

Getting back into the world means trying to dress properly! I am “shopping” my wardrobe at the moment, and have sorted out the clothes I can actually wear, and putting away the clothes I will bring out when I (hopefully) have lost a few kilos. This silk shirt from &Other Stories is 4 years old I think, and I realized seeing this photo that the colors are great now that I have grey hair! I have also re-discovered black, which I strangely enough look really nice in these days (which will be handy when I start getting invitations to funerals!) and it is my new basic color. I still use a lot of blue and red and white though.

Last Thursday I went to my first Pub-meeting with the Seniorerna, and I definitely lowered the average age in the group! But it was a very nice evening with drinks, music, a quiz and nice conversation! The first time out in 16 months! I did have a birthday cake-fika in June, but that was a rather somber afternoon party, apart from that I haven’t really met other people! It took me ages to get dressed for the occasion, and still I ended up with jeans and a nice top! This new world will take some time to get used to!!