New in the city

I have lived here in Lund for a month now and enjoy it so much! I’m not sure if it is because of my PTSD from living one year in that terrible flat in Mariehäll, or if it is actually Lund, but who cares? For now it is what it is, and it is relaxing and being surrounded by beautiful lush greenery and nice people and good food that even sometimes makes me think I am actually happy!


My brother has been down here for a few days and he treated me to a really nice dinner at Gamla Franska, a restaurant I have been a bit curious about. Turns out it is a classic French bistro-type of place, so we started with Mimosas and had snails for starters, my brother choose entrecote with french fries and I had gravlax with fresh potatoes in cream sauce (not one bit french there, but it is my favorite summer dish!) and we ended up with creme brûlée and strawberries. A very nice meal after two days of perusing cultural activities and walking the very many cobbled streets of Lund!

First of all we went to Kulturen, an outdoor-museum which is similar in style and age to Skansen in Stockholm, but much smaller of course and without the animals, and dedicated to houses from Skåne. I was a bit disappointed that the houses quite often were built “in the style of” instead of actually being houses moved to the site (like Skansen) but apart from that it was a very interesting visit and quite lovely to be outside in the beautiful weather and watch the young families that partake in all the museum activities. 



The next day we went to Skissernas museum (Museum of Sketches) and I can admit right away that I bought a member card straight away. Whenever I go to a museum I tend to enjoy it for about an hour and after that I cannot take in anymore… And I realized quite soon that this was a museum I will love to re-visit, so a card for 300 SEK for a full year of visits made sense to me.

My brother got stuck in the permanent exhibition, but I was mostly interested in the new one, which is a textile exhibition by Andreas Eriksson who showed weavings, sketches and his process when he (and his weavers) make the most amazing art out of linen yarn. I had no idea that the color of linen yarn depends on the soil and the climate that the plant grows in. And Andreas Eriksson does not color his yarn, instead he works with the natural differences in the linen and collects yarn from the 18th Century and onwards. It was quite fascinating to watch the structures and also the movie about how he and weavers work.




As covid-restrictions in Sweden are slowly lifted, apart from social distancing, I still have to say I enjoy some of those that we still have:) For instance you have to pre-book a museum visit (in-doors, as Kulturen was out-doors there were no such restrictions apart from walking inside the houses), so we enjoyed being able to walk around more or less by ourselves for an hour. I wouldn’t mind keeping those restrictions all the time!!! But I realize it would break the economy…

As my brother went back to Stockholm he admitted he was envious, and thought I had made the right decision to move. I do not think he would ever consider leaving Stockholm, but I was amused that he, being a big fan of his city, still could acknowledge the benefits of living in a smaller town that still has a lot to offer. To be honest I thought I would hear a lot of grumbling about “getting bored” or “you will soon grow out of it”. But I guess it is also a part of getting old, I love going out adventuring but I need my calm and my security when I’m back home. And I need beauty. So I was pleasantly surprised that my brother, 8 years younger than me, also could see what made me fall in love with this town.

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous looking place – it looks delightful and you look wonderful, I am hoping you have found your happy place. The exhibition of weaving/textiles looks fascinating… I feel rather jealous just like your brother 🙂 Here’s to your happy new life!

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