Damn I hate these new features on WordPress!

A view from my kitchen window

I am going to write a post without pics this time, because I am NOT friends with all the new stuff on WordPress and my photos just don’t upload the way they should anymore…The pics I hope you see I had to upload on the phone, and I really prefer to work on my laptop.

All of these problems will not help me as I had planned to write more often and they are the reason why I wrote such a short post last time! I guess I have to figure it out, but not when it is almost time to go to sleep…

I wanted to tell you about my first time in a new town and starting over at 63. The pandemic is still around, even if I have to say most people seem to think its over. But they are more considerate down here than in Stockholm!

Before my actual move I hade to travel back and forth a few times. First to collect the keys for the flat and meet with the janitor to get a go-through in the house. Then I actually moved, but the moving-truck came on Wednesday morning and the unloaded on Thursday morning. After all they had to carry the whole thing down here, a trip that takes 6-7 hours by car. But even though I was nervous, it all went very smoothly. Even my huge big sofa, that has created so many problems in the past, behaved and let them carry her up in the flat without problems. I now live on the second/third (depending how you count) floor with a nice big, rather private, balcony. And I have sworn that I will never ever live in a basement floor apartment again!!

Roses everywhere!

So with the move done I had to pack things up pretty quickly, before going back to Stockholm again for five days in son´s small flat (sleeping on his sofa!) as the old place was to be cleaned and keys turned in. Such a relief when it was all done!

Now I have been down here for three weeks and because of the heatwave that seems to be a re-curring summer-thing these days, my excursions outside of the flat have been rather short, as I am one of those people who break out in heavy sweats whenever it is warmer than 23 C. I am so glad I don’t live in Canada or the North Western states of the US! Climate-change is here to stay, so how to plan or the summers ahead and how to survive them is something to think about.

Thankfully the flat is quite cool and still bright. My old place was also really cool, but dark, so I wake up every morning enjoying the sun! As you can see from the view of my kitchen-window there is greenery outside, and a small sports arena. The young (mostly) kids there have been entertaining me for breakfast most mornings. And the trees are home to a lot of birds.

At the moment I’m still contemplating how to fill the spaces. Moving from a studio to a one bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen means I do not have enough furniture! I also got rid of the old telly before I moved. I am not going minimalist, but I am taking it slow filling this place up with stuff. I want to slowly feel how to decorate, and be a bit sustainable in my choices. So the old blue sofa is staying for a while!

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