New in the city

I have lived here in Lund for a month now and enjoy it so much! I’m not sure if it is because of my PTSD from living one year in that terrible flat in Mariehäll, or if it is actually Lund, but who cares? For now it is what it is, and it is relaxing and being surrounded by beautiful lush greenery and nice people and good food that even sometimes makes me think I am actually happy!

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Damn I hate these new features on WordPress!

A view from my kitchen window

I am going to write a post without pics this time, because I am NOT friends with all the new stuff on WordPress and my photos just don’t upload the way they should anymore…The pics I hope you see I had to upload on the phone, and I really prefer to work on my laptop.

All of these problems will not help me as I had planned to write more often and they are the reason why I wrote such a short post last time! I guess I have to figure it out, but not when it is almost time to go to sleep…

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A new place and a new time

So I moved. From Stockholm and then 7 hours by car to the south and the small city of Lund. Not small, small – but in comparison to the capital…

I was totally stressed out as usual when I move, but not more than can be expected. Which is kind of funny as I also left more or less everyone I know including son. But I have always wanted to live in Skåne and because of work I haven’t been able to, well, work and shared custody.

But now its done. I’ve lived down here for three weeks now, and I’m certain I’ve made the right choice. It may not be my forever place, but its my place right now. And I feel content.