Counting down

Yes I know I come out as a blooming tree-enthusiast, but you have to understand that when you live in a country where nothing blooms for 8 months of the year, you do get crazy in the Spring!!! This beautiful tree I photographed while waiting in line for the first ice-cream of the year, another classic Spring-moment:)

I’m sort of saying good-bye to this apartment and this part of the city. Since I’ve only lived here for a year, there are no strong feelings. But I have lived in Stockholm for almost 44 years, so I’m a bit surprised that I do not feel stronger about moving so far away. 

I moved here when I was 19 from an industrial town called Västerås, 1 1/2 hours train-ride from Stockholm. I had looked forward to coming to the big City soooo much. First I lived with a guy from my hometown, but we quickly broke up and then started 10 years of living in rented apartments and student dorms, until I got my first own contract for an apartment in the suburbs when I was 30. Such a typical story for a Stockholmare. 

Soon after I actually bought a flat in the centre area. I know this sounds funny too many of you, but living in the central areas of Stockholm is what most young people strive for. Stockholm has great communal communications, and if you live in the central parts its easy to go everywhere. The restaurants, clubs and pubs tend to be in the centre as well, at least the trendy ones! And of course that is what I was looking for in my 20´s and early 30´s. 

After living in another suburbian town for a few years I returned to the city centre and stayed there until a year ago. In different addresses, of course, but with easy access to all what the city has to offer. 

So I’m basically a city girl, and now I’m moving 600 kilometers to a much smaller town, an old university town in the vicinity of Malmö, the 3rd largest city of Sweden. Am I scared? Funnily enough, no. I am thinking that if I don’t like it, I will move again. But if it works out, it may be the place where I stay for ever. 

I think the fact that everything in Skåne is within reach, because the county is really small, is one factor. The other that it will only take 45 minutes to get on a train and reach Copenhagen. For a lady who loves to travel that is a dream position, when this pandemic is over! Thankfully I will have my second shot on Thursday, and son has finally received his first shot as being in a risk-group. Things are looking up! 


The class is publishing an anthology as a result of this year. This is our design for the cover! You can also have a look at Instagram @skrivsundbybergsfhsk

School will finish on Friday June 4th, but I’m keeping to myself and not attending graduation ceremonies or release-parties…But I was really touched to get great feedback on my project from my teachers at our final conversation, and I’m convinced that I will try and finish this novel! I’m calling Heartbeats. I’m actually really happy about this last year that has really inspired me to get going with my writing:).

I’m leaving Stockholm and I’m really looking forward to the future, isn’t that the perfect way to end a blogpost?