What keeps me busy


As the cherry blossoms are in full bloom all over Stockholm I’m a really busy pensioner. The creative writing-course is publishing an anthology, there are meetings and votes, meetings and votes. Democracy in absurdum in a way that you can get away with in a school but not in real life. It does annoy me a little bit, I have to admit. Probably because it gets in the way of my writing. But in one months time it is all over, and I will probably miss it!

So atm I am considering what to do next. The world is my oyster, but as I have recently turned 63 I am also aware that time is a limited commodity. What do I really really want to do with the rest of my life?

So far I haven’t been bored since I retired, actually I have sometimes wished for mer time to relax! But just relaxing will be boring, so I need plans:) I have applied for a few courses at the university in Lund (where I’m moving) and have chosen classes that are interesting but just for fun. I’m NOT starting a new career.

I also want to incorporate writing in my life, and it is time-consuming. If I could I would love to find a writer’s group but that is not easy. It is on my list however.

I do not believe in travelling during 2021. There will be restrictions everywhere, and not worth it. When everything calms down I think a small dip in the water will be a good start, maybe Berlin in the Spring of 2022? Lots of time to plan that one…

I want to get healthy. During the pandemic I felt pretty good to start with – lots of long walks and even gym (we did not have closed gyms in Sweden), but then the epidemic spread and I froze my gym-card for 3 months in accordance with recommendations. I gained 6 kilos and my knees are hurting again, so now I’m back doing a lot of spinning and some strength-exercises, trying to loose weight and rehabilitate my knees. When I move I need to find a new gym asap.

Should I get a new cat? I miss not having a pet. Both for comfort and company, but also because cats are such incredible animals. But I have now lost two cats in 3 years (they were old!) and it is a heartbreak every time. And also, having a pet is a huge responsibility to take on, especially if I hope to travel later on…


Stockholm has become cherry-blossom-town. It seems the flowers are everywhere in the spring and planting flowering trees is more popular than the ordinary leafy ones.

As for the move, I’m looking forward to it! I will bring my old furniture and the big clean-out was made last year when I moved, so now it is a lot easier. I’m nervous about the actual logistics, and what can go wrong etc, but I try to tell myself it is just material things and not worth the worry.

My biggest worry is son, who is 26 now and perfectly able to take care of himself. And tbh I think it will be a good thing for us to be some distance away from each other. I keep nagging him about cleaning, getting a job etc too much and now is his time to become an adult and fight for himself. Which is hard when you have Dear Mom hanging around.

I hade the first vaccination two weeks ago, and will have the next one in 4 weeks time. That adds to a feeling of hope as well, that this will be over at some point. If we have a back-lash now I’m not sure what would happen? Will people even try to follow restrictions anymore? I’ve noticed for a long time now that most of my young classmates don’t even bother, but I see it down-town too when I visit son on Saturdays. It is really hard, but when we are grown-ups we should be able to hold on for a little longer!