Easter Eggs and New Life

I´m not really friendly with the new WordPress-format, as it takes me forever to find drafts, images and edit. But I think I have to fill you in on my life now, because there are some major changes coming!

Finally Spring has come again, and like everywhere else in Europe we are still following cover-restrictions and waiting for the vaccines. People are getting impatient, and I get that, but hopefully it is just a few months left and then…

I´ve noticed the virus is coming closer and closer to home. I’ve been more or less isolated (for a Swede that is, you know by now we are not in lockdown) for a year and so far no-one close to me has been sick. But recently my sons Nan got sick in her day-care facility (she has Alzheimer) and then his brother (his fathers new family) got sick. I’m still hoping that son and I will stay healthy until vaccination, especially him as he has had open-heart surgery twice and I’m not sure he will cope very well with ICU-treatment.

But its the same for everyone in the world, and so there is no reason to get hysterical about it. I just hope people will realize that effects of climate change and pandemics will come again and again and again.

One of my recent “projects” has been to try a vegan diet for three weeks. I don’t plan to turn vegan, I don’t think it is particularly healthy in the long run, to be honest, but I do believe you cannot trash something you have never tried. And one thing that has been irritating me about vegan food sites and you tubers is the fact (besides very often being hypocritical and condescending!) is the fact that they don’t seem to eat food as much as desserts.I don’t know about you guys but I can not survive on raw food balls or sallad alone.

On the other hand I do realize that we need to change our diet if the Earth is to survive, so I decided to try vegan for a month and subscribe to a food-basket (Swenglish translation here, hope you understand?) and have recipes and ingredients delivered once a week from a company called Årstiderna (and no, I’m not sponsored!).

My impression? Some good and some bad. What I really liked was that the recipes were easy to follow, and I even saved some to try on my own. Some meals were great, some were not so great and some were horrible. But that’s individual taste I guess. I also realized after a month that my tummy liked it, and that you get used to the mild flavors of veggies after a while and I even started to like them. Normally I prefer spicy flavours or at least a bit of a mix, but with vegan food you either accept the natural flavors or you have to really go crazy with the spice!

Will I do it again? Maybe. And I will definitely try out some new plant-based recipes in the future.

Did I loose weight? Not a pound. But it was not the object of my project either, to be honest.

Its now Easter, I’m halfway through my Spring-term at my Creative Writing Course and in June I will make a big MOVE!!!

This pandemic year has made me realize I have to do things while I still have some life in me, so I will move to the south of Sweden. I’ve talked about it for years, and I don’t know what has been holding me back. The fact that son is at University in Stockholm? That I have lived here for 44 years? Well, probably. Its a long story but I have lingered too long, and now I’ve managed to get myself an apartment in the South and I’m moving as soon as school closes on June 4th. There will probably be more content here as I move and everything is new and exciting. But while I’m still in Stockholm is there anything you would like to know more about? Let me know in the comments, and I will try and oblige:)

4 thoughts on “Easter Eggs and New Life

    • Thank you Stephanie! I hope so! But then again, what could be the worst thing to happen? Having to move back? I think it will be exciting and fun:)

  1. Happy Easter – I think we can be plant focused in our diets without going fully vegan, but of course it is up to the individual and personally I like a little of everything. I love salad – but I love salad with something, it is good to try a little challenge or new thing, we discover new ideas…. I am so pleased about your move – how fantastic to have a new adventure coming and to be closer to your boy, you will hopefully see each other a lot more I think?

    • I will actually be longer away from son, but he is 26 so he will manage! Atm I see him every week, but I think it will do us both good to have a little distance:) As for change and new ideas we are on the same page, Juliet!

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