Okay, so 2020 was s**t, now 2021 wants to top it!

Morning after I stayed over at son’s place we found this graffiti on the wall opposite his house. You can’t help but agree

It has not been a great start to the year. But as we keep our distance, wash our hands and stay home if we feel a hint of symptoms, I think we are also adjusting to the situation. I think that as hard as it has been to adjust, as strange it will feel as we will eventually go back to normal or rather “as it was before”.

I have myself adopted a routine that works rather well as I’m retired and not have to do anything really, but still wants to keep sane in midst of all this. I have my writing-course and it has kept me fully occupied all through the autumn. This Spring we are starting online for three days a week and write on our projects two days. Its more or less a full-time job, except it is voluntary and so much fun.

Every day I try and go for a walk, sometimes its a longer walk sometimes its shorter. But I need some fresh air every day. This Spring I will try and do home-exercises at least three days a week. I have frozen my gym membership until Feb 1st, and will try and go twice a week after that. Thankfully there are now recommendations in place for gyms, so I hope it will work out. My poor old knees need the stationary bike!

Once a week I go to the big shop close to the mall and do my grocery shopping. I also get food sent home every two weeks. I buy bread from the local bakery and can choose to go there  when it is empty.

And once a week I meet with son to have lunch, dinner, watch a movie or whatever. Usually in the weekends, and we have now started to a new trend to stay at his place in the City, so I get a break from the Neighbor from Hell and manage to stay sane. 


The longest queues at the mall are for Systembolaget, the Swedish shops for selling alcohol. Since the bars stop serving alcohol at ten o’clock people buy and keep partying at home. Also my Neighbor from Hell.

I had a really quiet and nice Christmas, and even New Years was fine until the Neighbor from Hell returned home on Jan 2, and decided to have a drunken karaoke night at home on Sunday Jan 3rd. As I was going to school (online) at 9 in the morning I was not a happy bunny…Now she has returned to her Saturday Night Parties, which in a way is a relief! I’m seriously considering writing a mystery novel for a project and bumping her off in a really sadistic way…

For Christmas my son gave me a visit to the cat café Java Whiskers and I went there before school started up. I have missed Molly and having a cat soooo much since she passed. Having a cat (or a dog I imagine) is such good company. But as I don’t really know where I will end up living this year, and IF there will be any opportunity to travel at all, I’m not getting a new furry friend at the moment. So the visit at Java Whiskers was really lovely. I had booked an hour and it passed really quickly! All the cats are up for adoption and as you can imagine, that grey little lady was an instant love…

Her name is Sockan (the Sock in English), I cannot understand why…

Style wise I’m having a very hard time even trying…

I usually scramble out of bed to start online-classes at 9, and don’t do makeup but take a quick shower and “fix” my corona-hair. As for wardrobe I’m eyeing dresses but rarely wear them, its jeans or a comfy pair of pull-on trousers and then a comfy top and possibly a cardigan. Thats it. But at least I have used my blue velvet coat a lot this winter. I bought it two years ago and haven’t worn it much until this winter.

As it was only 899 SEK (approx 89 dollars or 89 €) it has been a good buy from the brand Carin Wester.

Now tomorrow I will hand in my novel-synopsis and 4 pages of novel-extract. I’m really nervous of what my fellow students will think of it. Next week we have text-groups, discussing our texts. And the week after our project-term starts and I am pondering on what to work with. I have an idea, and when I have finished processing it I will of course let you know! Until then!! Kisses and hugs, and please keep safe out there!