Christmas will come this year too, believe it or not!


Listen to this! Since all concerts and churches will be closed for now and over Christmas, Swedish Radio Broadcasting asked people to volunteer and sing in a Christmas choir. Its in Swedish, but even then its beautiful, don’t you think? Its been a strange year but we can still sing a song for Christmas.

And I am still crazy about those Christmas lights! As we have not had one day with sunshine since November (yes, its true!) we do need them around here.

This year we have to savor the small things that brightens up our lives. Especially now that the second wave is upon us as well as the mutant virus…

I’m so happy I decided to take the Creative Writing Course. It is not always easy, especially being 35 years older than all the other students (and they do have loads of prejudice against older people!) but it has opened me up to really great experiences and writing has become such an important part of my life again. Its sometimes hard to revisit painful memories or experiences, but when I manage to turn that into something that I’m proud of it feels really good!

I´m also grateful that I have a roof over my head and a steady good pension that turns up every month, and that I’ve stayed healthy so far. Maybe next year I will be able to move to a nicer flat and start working out again at the gym (I´ve cancelled my gym for 2 months due to cover-19-recommendations) not only to loose weight but because my arthritis badly needs it. Just walking is not enough.


Some neighbors had a Christmas concert from their living-room, such a nice initiative!

Its been tough for everyone this year, and I’m lucky that I’m really an introvert and don’t mind being alone. Thanks to school I have had routines to get me through the worst days and because we haven’t been locked-down formally in Sweden I have gone into the city for lunch with son once a week. Today we skipped the walk we usually take and stood in line for a flu-shot instead. Getting covid-19 and the flu would be a really tough trip! Son has had two open-heart surgeries so his flu-shot is free. Another thing to be grateful for! And the cover-19-jabs will be free too. I’m grateful that I live in a country with free health-care for all!


Yes, I know its an ad for a movie, but I don’t care!! This painting reflects my sentiment right now. Just wish I had Molly cat here…

And now I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! (It simply can’t be any worse…)


2 thoughts on “Christmas will come this year too, believe it or not!

  1. The virtual choir is really beautiful – Christmassy without the usual “ick” of being overly sentimental. I hope you find a wonderful new home in the new year, but as long as you are safe and cosy in your new one and can meet up with your boy then thats pretty wonderful for now – isn’t it funny that it is the small things that we cling to and matter. As long as we have them we are doing OK. I will be so glad to be out of 2020 – quite done with this year, in many ways it has been awful, one colleague said before she signed off for Christmas that she didnt think there could be any more awful left, except we then heard about the death of a colleague. I finish work tomorrow – I always like going to the wire and finishing late – it keeps me busy and occupied, although a pile of books to be started at Christmas is waiting for me. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it can only get better xxx

    • So sorry to hear about your colleague, Juliet. This is a year of death, loneliness and despair, and I guess we have a lot of it still in front of us before its over. But I guess we learn a lot from it as well, enjoying the small things for instance. I’m getting through the whole thing by doing my usual project-thing (having some kind of project on the burner, not getting disappointed if it falls through, but enjoying the process!). A drug dealer was hunted down by the police in the house next to mine a week ago and I was questioned (didn’t know anything) by police as they found drugs and money on my patio, I’m now even more adamant that I will get a new place in the new year. I wish you the best and a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Everything will be better…at some point!:)

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