Adding a bit of drama to my life



I just finished 5 hours talk about our dramatic texts, and let me tell you – my head is soooo cloudy right now!  Walking home from school I pass through a part of town with old villas and modern houses, all mixed. Some gardens are meticulous, some are not and when I walk home, as it is already dark at 3 o’clock, I enjoy the lights.

This year it seems that people are putting extra effort into the Christmas decorations, and you know we need it!


When I was a child Christmas lights were stars and advent-lights (electrical advent-lights are very popular in Sweden) but these days we are influenced by American Christmas movies and the decorations get crazier all the time! I notice some purists on my way home, but also some extravaganza…

When I pass like those my imagination runs wild. Why is the flat at the bottom totally dark? And what does the classic styled neighbor at the top think about the crazy kitsch in the middle? 


I´m not certain this house is very environmentally friendly, but its kind of pretty, don’t you think?

I am partial to lighted animals in the garden (not that I have one myself, mind you!) and in the darkness and in a garden that isn’t too immaculately kept they are extremely pretty.


These days all museums are closed and so are theaters, concert halls etc. But a walk through the lighted parts of town can be an exhibition in itself, don’t you think?

The fact that I get a look into other peoples homes as they light up their living-rooms just make it so much better, I am such a Snoopy Girl:)

One thought on “Adding a bit of drama to my life

  1. Snoopy girl here too – I love people putting their lights on in their houses so I can have a little look. The Christmas lights are very pretty and even more interesting is what they might say about people – the frenetically jazzy ones and the very restrained ones are all such a public statement of how people wish to be seen. I am now particularly curious about the flat with no lights – there must a story there….

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