Christmas will come this year too, believe it or not!


Listen to this! Since all concerts and churches will be closed for now and over Christmas, Swedish Radio Broadcasting asked people to volunteer and sing in a Christmas choir. Its in Swedish, but even then its beautiful, don’t you think? Its been a strange year but we can still sing a song for Christmas.

And I am still crazy about those Christmas lights! As we have not had one day with sunshine since November (yes, its true!) we do need them around here.

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Adding a bit of drama to my life



I just finished 5 hours talk about our dramatic texts, and let me tell you – my head is soooo cloudy right now!  Walking home from school I pass through a part of town with old villas and modern houses, all mixed. Some gardens are meticulous, some are not and when I walk home, as it is already dark at 3 o’clock, I enjoy the lights.

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