In a bubble

I´m in my bubble right now – writing, writing and writing. And every day as I walk to or from school I can see this sign on a garage-door “Everything will be alright”.

Not that I am actually walking to school that often right now. I went into voluntary lock-down a few weeks ago when the spread of cover-19 started to rise again, and from this week we will have one day in school and the rest online. As i have been online for some time I have gotten used to it, and even prefer it sometimes, but I think I will return to school for that one day a week now.

So how is school for me? Its great! I’m in a double bubble as we are distancing and then I’m retired so I can basically do what I want AND then I’m committed to this creative writing course I’m taking for a full year. And I write and write and write…and now and again something turns out pretty okay. And then I put it aside and save it. Because this is my year for experimenting and trying things and being open. And then, later, I will go back and explore and dig deeper.


In Sweden we have to take personal responsibility for the covid-19-situation and if we choose to follow recommendations or not. Of course it means a lot of people do not take responsibility at all, and others do more. We have not had a lockdown as yet, but lots of regulations and recommendations. You can tell people are getting frustrated by the fact that the virus will not ease up and leave (which probably many thought would happen during summer) but thats just the way it is. No-one can take it away at this moment. I can see on my Facebook that friends find excuses to do what they like and blame authorities. I actually think authorities are doing just fine. So I just try and keep calm and keep busy and wash my hands.

As for masks (there is a HUGE debate here as they are not mandatory, but quite a few people use them anyway) I have bought the medically approved ones that I use if I think I need them, but not all the time. They will not do any good if they aren’t handled properly and if they are not combined with social distancing. As I very rarely let people close, I very rarely need to use a mask. But I will let people know if they get too close…

Staying inside is doing nothing for my wardrobe, except maybe turning me into a slob…


At least I’m trying to get dressed every day! Mostly jeans and a top. Since the heating system in my new-build is down to 20-21 degrees, I am usually wearing something pretty warm! And now and again I try and pull myself together and put on something decent:) The black bohemian blouse in the photo is from Carin Wester at

This weekend is grey and rainy and I will spend it drinking tea and trying to put together a synopsis for a drama and a scene in that drama, so wish me luck!!

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  1. I think you are looking great – I would call your look writer-chic in that its a lovely outfit without the trying too hard vibe people sometimes have, very much as though you have great taste but at the same time you have lots of interesting things in your head. Your writing experiment sounds so much fun – I admire your stickability and application to exploring that side of your creativity, fun but hard work 🙂

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