Midsummer reflections on my patio

I’m already one month into retirement and time flies! Some days I think I have nothing to do, and still the day passes oh so quickly! Ofcourse I’m doing my literature course online, but I have also planted on my patio and organized my wardrobe (moving made it necessary!) and tried to start exercising (still a work in progress!). Then suddenly it was Midsummer, and here we are!

Being on my own a LOT, makes me think. Actually it allows me to spend time thinking. I notice the same thing happens to other people around the world that I follow online, so I am in no way alone in this. I think about environmental issues, about the future and I think about getting old and actually doing something about all those plans I have hatched for years. Are they still my dream-plans? Or have I changed?


Growing things has become a new hobby on my patio. It is almost as big as my studio flat. so I have to fill it with something! I like the idea of growing veggies, but I also love flowers. For now what I grow very much depends on what I get my hands on in the flower-shop and if the little seeds actually likes my boxes filled with earth.


On a whim I applied to a writing-course for the autumn. Well, I had a text and I sent it in along with an application. Was definitely not expecting to be accepted at 62, but I was! So now I am going to be a full time creative writing-student at a community college for a year. And if I love it, I may just continue, who knows?

The week has been warm and I’m trying out my wardrobe. I have a lot more summer clothes than I have winter clothes, thats for sure…Both these dresses are old, but this Spring I have definitely bought stuff that I do not need or should have bought. That is something I have to adress, that shopping-addiction of mine, because these days I cannot afford it anymore. I have had a great income but in retirement I have to prioritize and I have enough clothes to last me the rest of my life! Enough said.


My reading material atm. The class I’m taking online during the summer Romance for three decades requires this. It doesn’t feel like a pain, even though Roberts is not my favorite romance writer. I do respect her immensely, seeing how she supports the writing community and I heard her speak at a Romance Writers of America-convention many years ago, and she was a great motivational speaker! But I still haven’t found a book of hers that I fell in love with, but then I haven’t read all 225 of them…

I have also discovered audio-books, and since I have a free subscription until August I’m listening, reading and writing right now. My life is simply divine:)


One thought on “Midsummer reflections on my patio

  1. I love your terrace, the plants look great – Im very fond of herbs as they thrive on neglect, throw in some edible flowers like little viola, calendula and nasturtium and things look a lot better than I deserve, although a lot of veges are very pretty – runner beans, carrots, potatoes, rainbow chard… Good luck/enjoy your writing course – why it takes us years to get around to things I dont know, but maybe sometimes the time is just right

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