A new beginning!?!


Spring has been late this year, and because we have to spend so much time indoors, maybe that is just as well! A week ago it turned around and we went into Summer, just like that…

I had a plan that I would start writing once a week, on Saturdays, on this blog. But of course I failed immediately:) but these days I have a lot of time on my hands, because I have retired!

Well, I was supposed to have a lot of time but turns out I was wrong. I managed to squeeze myself into a summer college-course (distance-one obviously) on Romance literature. It is only part-time so it will be something I will really enjoy doing over the summer, and since I will not be going anywhere for the summer (or in the near future) I wanted to have something to do!

As I told you, I recently moved to a smaller apartment but a small apartment with a huge terrace! That will be my other project this summer:)

And I haven’t managed to get organized in the new apartment, so I´ll be trying to do that as well…Every morning is a bit of a mess as I try to find something that I’m sure I have but cannot find. It is a wonder that I manage to get dressed at all..


Doing the zoom-conference thing, trying to look serious and professional and still trustworthy.

Going into retirement should be a big Thingy! Pressies, cake and beautiful speeches…

But when you retire in corona-times you get a digital send-off where everyone has balloons in their backgrounds and their own coffee-mugs, and the flowers arrive with a messenger late in the evening (It was also Mother´s Day-weekend in Sweden). But I was fine with that, I’m an introvert after all and though I’ve managed to overcome a lot of it in public I still hate being the centre of attention like this. I know people expect me to cry and be sentimental, but that is not who I am. So 15 minutes on Teams was just fine!


I did have a luncheon IRL with my boss, with my mandatory farewell-talk (when you are supposed to give praise and critique) and off I had to give back all the stuff that belongs to my job. So I walked into Old Town on a pretty morning and it was desolate. Anyone who thinks everything is the same in Sweden during corona is sooo wrong. That poor guy walking in from of me is one of the inhabitants of Old Town, usually considered the lucky few, but right now they live in a closed part of town. No tourists and no businesses.


For my luncheon with my boss I wore a dark blue silk blouse by Allvar Galery and an old pair of “nice” trousers from Mac. 

For the luncheon we went to Lydmar Hotel and there were just us and after a while one other business-related pair of customers. So very distanced:)

I have now been retired for a week, next week my summer-class begins and after that my autumn-project. I’m a very busy girl for the next year! But I will tell you more about that next time!

Retiring has been on my mind for so long that I was afraid it would be disappointing and scary, but so far so good! Just wish we could get through the corona-situation at some point and be able to look into a more hopeful future.


Doing my retired lady rounds to the shops in a cardigan from By Malene Birger, jeans and a shirt from H&M. I think I’m better dressed these days than when I worked!


Taking the subway home after lunch was a pretty lonely affair, as it should be these days!


Son suggested this fun app for a photo of how a portrait of me would look like at different times in artistry. I just wished I looked like this!

One thought on “A new beginning!?!

  1. Enjoy that retirement, so lockdown (even in Sweden) means things are taking longer – but what is the rush? Enjoy being choosy and enjoy doing exactly as you wish – no timescales, no restrictions, no demands – how delightful to be able to decide to do or be whatever you wish. Enjoy taking your time over your new flat and new terrace – enjoy deciding where everything needs to be and getting it just so – no rush and enjoy the process, you deserve it to be fabulous and just right, dont settle for a rushed job moving everything in

    On a side note – your hair is sublime, you look gorgeous.

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