Midsummer reflections on my patio

I’m already one month into retirement and time flies! Some days I think I have nothing to do, and still the day passes oh so quickly! Ofcourse I’m doing my literature course online, but I have also planted on my patio and organized my wardrobe (moving made it necessary!) and tried to start exercising (still a work in progress!). Then suddenly it was Midsummer, and here we are!

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A new beginning!?!


Spring has been late this year, and because we have to spend so much time indoors, maybe that is just as well! A week ago it turned around and we went into Summer, just like that…

I had a plan that I would start writing once a week, on Saturdays, on this blog. But of course I failed immediately:) but these days I have a lot of time on my hands, because I have retired!

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