Living on the edge


The lights are still up in Kungsträdgården in the middle of Stockholm, but it is looking more like Spring than Winter during the day. Some people have even spotted a few cherry blossoms on the trees. I hope this will not spoil the Cherry Blossom Day in April, because it is my favorite “festival”!

Another month is almost over, and I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to retirement a LOT. Work has been pretty demanding lately, and of course my boss has not planned ahead so there will be no cutting down on the workload before I go. The big difference is I don’t really care that much anymore. I do my job, and I try to do it well, but I don’t bother to get caught up in it anymore. Four months left!

I have started to clean out my  stuff in preparation of my move on April 1. I’m glad I started early, because its turning out to be time-consuming! This weekend I took a big bag of stuff to charity, and then another bag of old schoolbooks to the University second-hand shop (I studied literature for a semester a few years back and the work-literature doesn’t change that much obviously!) and the I threw out a lot. I’m eyeing a bookshelf and my bathroom cupboard a bit anxiously, as I have NO idea how to get them into the garbage…

My HUGE closet is a disaster area, but I’m slowly getting rid of stuff. The other week I started to check out Project 333 and Capsule wardrobes again, but I find it hard! How do these people manage? Living in a country with 4 seasons I still need 4 capsule wardrobes to get me through! And my big problem tbh is the fact that I keep loosing and gaining weight like a rollercoaster:)

My knees are a problem area too, but after the physiotherapist lightly told me I would be much better if I lost some weight, I am now slowly dieting. And I got a program that I’m so far following strictly. It does help! I still need to get a new physiotherapist though, this one was a specialist and my problems are quelle ordinaire so I need to get a new one…

On the bright side I have booked a writing holiday (just hoping enough people apply, my last 2 have been cancelled!) that I truly look forward to, and will be the start of my new life:) And I will definitely get a notebook and collect ideas for characters, as I watched a documentary on Agatha Christie.  She obviously wrote everything down in her little notebooks, and I’m taking tips from the best!


Had my hair cut but it really doesn’t grow that much in between appointments. I’m looking forward to a bob-style much like Helen Mirren! You see my necklace? It has “Take no shit” engraved on it! I need a reminder sometimes:)


I will also officially be a retiree next month so I will get a Senior-pass and pay Senior-prizes – when I realized that it cheered me up immensely! When I stop working I will have energy enough to do things I haven’t done for years, like going to the theatre and concerts and exhibitions. And at a Senior-prize, whats not to like about that!