Strange customs and old traditions


You wouldn’t believe it, but this is at 2 o’clock on New Years Eve, “broad day light”, right? It makes even me longing for a bit of snow to come along to brighten things up! And I am sure I will regret writing that sentence many mornings in January and February…

Entering a new year is always a bit scary and makes me more reflective than usual. I have had a full 14 days off from work, but tomorrow it will be back in the grind again. And I have a lot of work ahead, including some planned trips in the weeks to come. Tomorrow I will also see the physiotherapist for the first time, lets see what he has to say. Give me some hope would be nice.

During the Christmas holidays there is always time to rest, but also a lot of traditions, new and old, that has to be taken care of. I don’t follow a lot of traditions to be honest, especially not a Christmas but son and I have created some of our own over the years.

When I was a kid my mother always went ballistic around Christmas. She was not an easy person to live with at any time of the year, but Christmas was the worst. I guess that gave me a reason to try and make my own traditions pretty early, and apart from a fresh Christmas tree I am pretty flexible (I tried to live without one for a year, but woke up early on Christmas Eve and couldn’t smell Christmas so I rushed out and got the last, scrawny tree they had). I have celebrated traditional Swedish Christmas with some men in my life, but these days we have turkey for Christmas lunch, because son doesn’t really like the traditional food. And I’m fine with that. Happy really, not to have to slave in the kitchen for a week to produce all the stuff for a smörgåsbord! Usually we have sticky toffee puddings for dessert but this year I made a banoffeepie instead. Much lighter after the turkey and trimmings, so we may stick with that.

For a couple of years now son has made lobster mac´n´cheese for New Years dinner. I’m guessing that tradition will change in a few years, but I enjoy it as long as I can!


Son´s lobster mac´n´cheese is sooooo good. If you want a recipe, look up the Food Busker on Youtube, that is the recipe we do!

This year son and I went down to the water and watched the fireworks, and they were magnificent! I’m guessing into a new decade people put some extra effort into it. New laws in the city prohibits fireworks without a permit, so I guess the people who invested were also the real enthusiasts. It did make a difference for the better, I must say.

On New Years Day son went home early to write on his essay for Uni, and I saw an old classic on the telly. Every year in Sweden they show “Ivanhoe”, the old classic movie with Sam Neill, Anthony Andrews etc. Its not a particularly good movie, and every year you get annoyed when Ivanhoe chooses the “wrong” girl – but there you are, Ivanhoe is a true tradition and probably one of the strangest Swedish Christmas traditions.

Actually we have another telly-related tradition. “Donald Duck and his friends” is on the telly at exactly 15.00 hrs on Christmas Eve (in Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve like the British Royals and the Germans do) and everything in this country is centered around that time. The stores close at that time (if they are open on Christmas Eve that is) and the big question in many families is “before or after Donald?” which means, do you open presents before or after?

When I was a kid there wasn’t many cartoons on tv, so Donald on Christmas was a treat. I guess these days kids really don’t care, but it is still a very strong tradition! As I don’t have small kids in the family I don’t watch Donny anymore, but I still enjoy “Karl-Bertil Jonssons Christmas Eve Adventure” which is on the telly a few hours later (after pressies and food!) and reminds us all of the true message of Christmas – love and generosity. It is a Swedish made anime with a Robin Hood-theme and has been shown for at least 35 years now…

I guess these television-related traditions are pretty strange. I wonder if other countries have them too?

After New Years I have been cleaning out my wardrobe, and I will make som real effort to donate and sell before my move. But I also try and re-discover my wardrobe. I still use the same color-palette (black, navy, white,blues and reds) and I have to remind myself over and over that I actually have enough clothes!! The red cardigan from By Malene Birger (a Danish brand) is relatively new, and I love it. That was a good buy I think. I have made some bad buys 2019 as well, but I am not taking those into my new life.


I have realized that I have very few basics. Maybe I’m not dressing in a very “basic” way, or maybe I find it too boring to buy basics, but I’m always searching for a basic white or black tee in my wardrobe. This Spring that is what I will try and find when shopping. Apart from that my shopping habits will stay minimal I think, the fashion industry’s influence on the climate change is giving me a guilty conscious, and I will buy better quality but definitely less. Saying that the black top is from H&M but their premium quality line. They also have a Conscious line, and that I will check into closely at some point.