Entering the new decade!!!


It hasn’t been much of a white Christmas this year, and to be frank I don’t mind! Having had a word with the doctor about my knee, I’m not really keen on a lot of the white stuff coming down and making my walks slippery and hazardous.

It has been a melancholy ending to the year. Some deaths and some illness among friends and relatives has left me pondering about life and retirement and taking your chances when you have them. I’m also realizing slowly that I’m getting old, to be honest! Not something I’m readily admitting, but the truth is starting to hit me. Not necessarily a bad thing, being old, but you want to enjoy it, right?

I did two x-rays during the last two months and it turns out my right knee has a ruptured meniscus. A thorough google-search left me in the knowledge that the orthopedist, which I was promptly referred to, would suggest not operation but physiotherapy. It turns out that when your meniscus rupture because of arthritis an operation is not the best option. Well, I always though the meniscus was there for a reason, but seems not. So from now on I guess I have no more excuse for not hitting the gym! Not unless I decide I want to have constant pain and a knee that doesn’t work. Well, it will not kill me, but it was a week where I felt pretty down and wondered if all my plans for traveling etc was going to evaporate into thin air. But with enough exercis it has been said I will do pretty well, and I also got some prescription to take when the pain hits. I have never had to take prescription medicine on a regular basis before so it feels like a step toward old age. But I’ve been lucky so far I guess.


I have 14 days off over Xmas and NY from work! Sheer bliss. I’m pretty certain I may spend my first months in retirement just sleeping, reading and doing nothing.

As always it gives me a reason to take a look at my closet. The top above is from Camilla Thulin, a Swedish brand. I have a few pieces from this brand, and it is always good quality and the same styles coming back season after season, so kind of sustainable and classic. For some reason I’m not totally sold though, maybe I’m too laidback for this brand which seems very popular among the upper-class ladies including the Queen and the Crown Princess. This top is light grey, and the only piece in my wardrobe in the popular leo-pattern (I do have a scarf in dark blue leo). Its been everywhere this fall, but so far I’ve not surrendered, partly because brown/black doesn’t suit me at all and partly because leo screams “old lady” in my mind. I may soon change my mind though:)

In perpetual darkness this month, I have been a bit lazy blogging. But as always I’m hoping to become a better person next year! And with lots happening, lets hope I will be:)) There are more things to look forward to, more than in recent years and I’m ready to take a leap of faith now. And there’re still things to get me excited and interested: fashion, climate change, cat shelters, politics, traveling, writing, reading, theatre,


A neighbor of mine decided to go a bit wild in decorations. Fun, as I live in the hipster-region of the city where decorations are tasteful and sparse!

gardening – all things big and small that still lights my fire. So it is not that bad growing old, but it is an adjustment.

The world do seem a little darker and scarier but all we can do is carry on and hope for change. Happy New Year everyone and as we say in Swedish: God Fortsättning! (Good Continuation).

2 thoughts on “Entering the new decade!!!

  1. Happy New Year, I guess this time of year it is natural to contemplate lifes meanings – at least in our house, we have eaten most of the cheese, it is rainy and cold what else can there possibly be to do??? I did a full face-plant in Oxford Street when I went down to visit the husband in London, completely spreadeagled and really whacked my knee – and as I dont bruise very obviously I didnt have much to show for why I have been hobbling. It has made me realise I need to be serious about lifestyle. I guess these resolutions dont necessarily need just to sit in January – we can make them any time of year, but yes, I really need to get exercising more

    • That sounds vicious Juliet! I hope you are on the mend now? I have to admit that even if I have been going to the gym, I really should have been more regular considering my knees. I was fine this summer when I went 3 times a week, then I went back to work and look at me now! Nothing to do apparently, but yes, one should always prioritize health before its gone. I think we will return to this subject over the next months:) until then – happy new year!

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