Out and about in the cold

November was a busy busy month for me at work as I travelled from Östersund and Sundsvall and Umeå in the North to Malmö and Lund in the South for work. In the north the snow was already a fact, and in the south the grass was still green. It is when traveling like that you realize what distance it is between the far north and far south of Sweden.

I had hoped December would be a chance to take it a little easier at work, but it doesn’t really seem like it…

On the other hand I have 6 months to go, and it seems I can survive. I’m really getting into the retirement-mode now and April 1 I will be moving into a smaller apartment, so I had a moving-firm here to calculate the cost for moving. And it suddenly became more real! I am finally looking forward to that too:) I will do some early “death-cleaning” and I will try and make a thorough clean-out of my wardrobes. Try being the operative word.

I have also booked tickets for a concert in June, my first event as retired! It is a concert with music from the movies from Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio I have following for years now. I really look forward to it.

Actually planning these fun things to do as retirement comes closer is giving me a lot of pleasure. In the near future I will plan a short trip at the start of June to celebrate, and I also plan a longer Interrail-experience in the autumn. Things that I had no time or energy to do when I have been working, so it is really the start of a new life!


Sundsvall – not a bad but slightly boring town with an enormous amount of bridal shops!


Hallsberg – most famous/notorious for its train station where all trains in the country seem to stop. Always happy to leave, as it is not uncommon for the train to get stuck here for one reason or another:)

Both these photos were taken in the middle of the day. Can you even imagine living in this perpetual grey darkness? In November Stockholm had 28 hours of full daylight…It has been a really tough month for all who have a tendency to get season-related depressions. I used to think one of them was me, but have recently decided it is more about who I’m with and how much I have to work that is the deciding factor. I remember this special lamps you could buy as “light”-therapy, whatever happened to them?



One thought on “Out and about in the cold

  1. I am excited for you – it all sounds like it is coming together, and you are on to a lovely new phase of life with lots of positivity and adventure at your own pace. Ive heard of the Swedish death cleaning – it amuses me no end as my mother (91yrs young) has been doing her equivalent for at least 40 years, yes for at least 40 years she has expected to “die soon” causes unspecified (but generally me or my sister and our general behaviour). I have to admit that I have often assumed I am a pack rat and hang on to things, but strangely now the other half is mainly down in London, the daughter is in Leeds, I LIKE getting rid of things – the only problem is I get “could you keep that for me???” well no – no I cant, you can keep it or out it goes – that feels amazing, and no I guess I am not a pack rat, I am buried under other peoples crap! Anyway, enjoy each moment of this new beginning – you are a bit like a butterfly about to emerge from its chrysalis come spring 🙂

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