Its hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain


Its mid November already! And I’ve been a lazy blogger as always. I have on the other hand been a very busy bee at work, straddling a very fine line between being balanced and stressed out.

For work I sometimes travel. And this term I have been traveling a lot! Not always very glamorous places, but always with an university:).

Thankfully I often have the opportunity to fly (yes, not climate friendly, but it is work!) but sometimes train is the only option. I don’t mind train-rides at all, actually I find them very relaxing, but unfortunately the Swedish railroad-system is in some decline, and wires and stuff always seem to come down and stop traffic. Especially when I’m on a train. I don’t even want to think about all the hours I’ve spent sitting on a train waiting for it to start again….


I took this photo in Hallsberg, en route to Karlstad where they have a modern university where I spoke about pensions. Yes, as a aspiring retiree I do talks about the Swedish pension-system, especially the work related pensions for government employees. Very rewarding as they usually have a good turnout and people find the system so hard to understand, they always appreciate a bit of explaining!


Dress from Residus, a Swedish brand specializing in sustainability


Tweedjacket from Nygårdsanna

I have been tired though, and not in the mood for blogging. The weather is getting darker and darker, and I’m getting fatter and fatter! I blame my arthritis, but I ave to admit I am a comfort-eater, and I will take any excuse to have some sweets, a dessert or an extra cookie!

They say dark colors are slimming, so I’m turning to the darker side in my wardrobe for help. As you see, black is back and so is grey. I’m embracing grey as an alternative to navy and find it usually goes really well with my grey hair. The tweedjacket from Nygårdsanna is my absolute fave, it will last forever (Harriss-tweed!) and its classic and comfy. I may shorten the sleeves because she always design really long sleeves…so these are kind of ridiculous!


Topp from Ahlvar in black silk, jeans from H&M


Dress from H&M, belt is very old

These are all images of fashion that I feel comfy and relaxed and stylish in. Maybe I have found my new style?



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  1. Love your style – that first dress especially – you have such a fabulous hour glass figure (I can only dream – I am a total porker at the moment, as yes I stress eat too and I am stress eating a lot these last couple of weeks). Really like the colours and the shapes

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