The climate challenge

Well, it is quite challenging to get dressed in the morning these days for many reasons.

I have a really bad episode with my arthritis, and can hardly walk at times, even less bend down and get my shoes on. It is rainy, sunny, cold and warm in the same day so choosing outerwear has been a struggle too. Now it seems it is finally settling to be cold, and that makes it easier!

I have been travelling a bit recently, and this trenchcoat from Hobbs has been a trusted companion. I really should get another one in another colour, it is called Saskia.

My new, cheap coat from H&M, makes me look seriously professional. I just noticed my beloved Longchamp crossbody bag is showing some wear and tear. Not sure what to do about that, it is after all the perfect bag.

A warm day I got away with wearing my denimjacket from Nygårdsanna. I just ordered a similar jacket in tweed. I hope it fits…

The headline is not intended to be sarcastic. I’ve followed Greta Thunberg closely and admire her and I’m also sure we have to reconsider a LOT of choices we make and take for granted. At least if we want generations to come not to hate us. It is hard however to know what to do as an individual. There are so many misconceptions.

A few small steps in my world right now is eating vegetarian twice a week, buying more locally produced food, looking into what kind of fashion I buy (sustainable? Good working conditions? Recycled material?) and not throwing so much away, stuff and food mainly. I try and recycle on an every day basis.

I realise it is tiny steps, but you have to start somewhere, right?

2 thoughts on “The climate challenge

  1. Your Hobbs coat is a gorgeous colour for you – but then I love coats and scarves so I have to say you look fabulous in all the above. I know what you mean about making little choices I am hoping gradually my little choices join up but then I dont think we are the generation of disposable fashion when it is worn once and discarded, I do however look at the label and consider what it is made of and where it is from. Even that leaves me with a quandary – if we stop buying – will the people in the factories lose their jobs and if they are mainly women and they have families to support then are we making life even harder for them? I genuinely dont know and at the same time I have very few cheap items of clothing – mainly H&M tee shirts that I have had forever. It seems you make one choice and there are repercussions no matter what. Your dinner looks delicious, as gravel-guy is away during the week and the boy feeds himself I can have what I want and usually it is a variation on salad I tell you marinated tofu is divine when tossed through lots of leaves and tomato 🙂 Even though our weather is pretty yuck right now

    • I need to try marinated tofu! There used to be this small thai-place close to my previous workplace that served a gorgeous tofu casserole, and I had it once a week. But they closed and I haven’t found a recipe that comes close…
      As for the choices I’m still thinking, and probably return to that subject from time to time.

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