Three things right now


I have a new project going as both my French course and my Writing Romance course got cancelled. I want to learn to bake.

Yes, I’m inspired by the Great British Bake Off and maybe some other shows too (I’m considering making one of those amazing cakes swimming in frosting). But it is quite therapeutical to bake. And even if I haven’t mastered it yet (who ever said making meringues is easy???) it is something deeply satisfying to be able to present something delicious on the table. And a cake is very much more appreciated than a fish-dish, or a beautiful veggie dish…

I don’t take classes, but I do check the Internet and search for new recipes. So this weekend I made an apple-pie. I usually do a crumble-version, but this time I did a more classic Americanized version. Nice with custard or ice cream…

As you can probably tell my weight-loss-journey isn’t going very well:). Well, no hurries,

I´ll get there in the end I hope.

My knees have buckled up. I suffer from knee and feet arthrities and usually I keep the pains at bay with som exercise. But still the pain comes and goes. Right now my right knee is really messed up and hurts constantly. As I have a lot of speaking-engagements around the country through work this autumn, I’m trying whatever I can to get some relief. Right now I’m doing light exercises, painkillers and a morning-brew of lemon and ginger in hot water. Let’s see if it works?!

Stress and pain means I’m not being a good girl when it comes to my wardrobe. I’m still downsizing, but I have a really hard time not shopping!! Of course my style has changed quite a lot and I also realize that retiring 9 months from now will mean a new lifestyle. Going through my wardrobe I’m investing in good basic clothes and if possible also sustainable and eco-friendly. The climate-change and the way fashion contributes to it has made me think. I’m happy some fast fashion outlets are also thinking in new ways:).

I’ve started to document outfits as a way of evaluating them. These are a few from this week:


This shirt/coat from Uniqlo was a bad buy, but I have realized its not too bad over a t-shirt and pants doing errands… And can you tell my hair is getting longer? It is, and right now in that terrible phase when its neither long nor short. 


This top from Jumperfabriken will do duty this September. Sometimes clothes grows on you, this one looks so much better with grey hair!


I love this navy dress from By Malene Birger, in a soft velvety material. See the necklace? Its from Lottas Jewelry in Malmö. I try to visit their shop when I go there for work, but they do have a web-shop as well. Lovely handmade stuff!!!

3 thoughts on “Three things right now

  1. Oh my weight loss is not going at all well either 🙂 but then I have a week off this week so naturally I found time to wander past my favourite cheese shop, as for baking – I’ll happily bake for others but really my passions lie with savoury things – I can do a fairly decent pavlova (well it is a Kiwi/Aussie thing I guess) and I can bake a cake but once I have made them I have no interest I guess I like the making mess stage rather than eating – your apple pie does look very beautiful however. I like the colour of the uniqlo piece on you but I know the feeling – if it isn’t mean on you then no matter how pretty the colour it isn’t meant

    • I love that color as well actually. But it just shows what straying from your palette leads you – it doesn’t get worn and just hangs there! Right now I’m all into finding basics, in neutral colors. Oh, and I wish I had no sweet-tooth! It is what made me fat and keeping me fat:) Nothing like a little sugar to make my stress go away…

      • Oh I have a friend who has chocolate for stress – she has chocolate everywhere!!! My stress eating food of choice is cheese – I love cheese and I need to winch it in and find another way to deal with stress

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