Halfway through the vacation – brooding!


This pastry from Nordiska Kompaniets Art Bakery was a total comfort food-moment yesterday! The classic Swedish Princess-cake with a twist or two made with pink marsipan and raspberry-mousse and a little bit of meringue on top for fun.

I’m halfway through my staycation (or actually even a bit more…) and I’m starting to get the job-stress back. It was totally brought on by a Facebook-post from a colleague who wrote about having to go back to the office during his vacation…Not sure if he just wanted to show off, being a good boy and all that, but it really stressed me out. Do I need to check my job-phone and look at all the e-mails? Nope, not gonna happen. Especially since I know my boss will not do anything of the sort, and he is off for another ten days.

So I will continue my staycation, which has also sort of been a try-out for retirement. Will I be bored doing nothing? The answer is NO.


I finally got a chance to look inside the newly re-furbished National Museum of Art. They have definitely given the building a face lift, and I appreciate the new elevators! I am still pondering the exhibitions though, but I just missed the highly praised exhibition of Danish 19th Century painters so maybe I should give it another shot?


I am also kind of reinventing myself. I have been lazy doing makeup and exercising for a while, and decided to try a totally new brand of skincare the French brand Rochay. I will let you know more when I’ve tried it on for a bit. I just noticed I got a box full of stuff for the same price as one product from my go-to-brand Kerstin Florian (which is American, even though the creator has a Swedish history).

At the same time I also got a couple of new lipsticks and a eye-primer and a few eye-shadows. Not the same brand. So far the lipsticks from Mac are my faves, and the one from Nars not so much.

Shopping in makeup-stores as a 60+ woman is really irritating and to get help from the young ladies (mostly) I am not sure what you have to do. They are soooo not interested. Which is their loss really, because I have a good credit card. The only reason I shop in a store is to get good service and help  or  I can shop on-line and they can loose their jobs…


This pic I forced son to take, and the shirt is new, from Swedish brand ByMalina. It looks terrible in the photo but you get the idea. A longer shirt with a tie-on in the front.

I also started to go to the gym regularly during my staycation. 3-4 times a week so far, but it doesn’t show up on the scales at all!!! It is so frustrating! It could have something to do with me baking and cooking a lot more when I’m on staycation? Its fun though – both the cooking and baking, the exercising not so much.

But I´ll keep going, because what I’m striving for is the feeling of energy that you get from regular exercise, the kilos I´ll loose will be the icing on the cake… And coming back to cake I´ll give you another photo of a masterpiece from Art Bakery: the Karamell (chocolate mousse, black currant jelly, a layer of salted caramel and lastly chocolate biscuit, yummy!).



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  1. You look fantastic – I LOVE your taste in clothing and cake 🙂 The colleague – meh, smart arse – he might think he looks good showing off, but others might just see an incompetent covering his mistakes he made before his holiday… Enjoy your vacation – that is what it is for – NOT for work nonsense!

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