whoopee we are all going to die!


My tomatoes will soon be harvested and summer will be over.

I needed a sort of a cheerful headline to this piece, because last night I watched a documentary on the Woodstock-festival and this morning I read in the papers that Peter Fonda had died, at the age of 79.  And both things made me weepy.

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Halfway through the vacation – brooding!


This pastry from Nordiska Kompaniets Art Bakery was a total comfort food-moment yesterday! The classic Swedish Princess-cake with a twist or two made with pink marsipan and raspberry-mousse and a little bit of meringue on top for fun.

I’m halfway through my staycation (or actually even a bit more…) and I’m starting to get the job-stress back. It was totally brought on by a Facebook-post from a colleague who wrote about having to go back to the office during his vacation…Not sure if he just wanted to show off, being a good boy and all that, but it really stressed me out. Do I need to check my job-phone and look at all the e-mails? Nope, not gonna happen. Especially since I know my boss will not do anything of the sort, and he is off for another ten days.

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