A peak in my closet


I couldn’t help myself, this pic of my old, fat, constipated cat Molly is reflecting my own sentiments at the moment. Considering my options and not sure I like what I see in the world right now.

She’s 15 now and realistically she’s a very old cat now. Just gonna make sure she holds on another few years. So I’ve fixed her constipation after some Googling and some getting-a-mini-syringe-and-stuffing-with-laxative-thingy, and now I’m putting her on a diet. I just don’t know why she got so fat, I’m not feeding her more than I should, I think. But I guess a vet would disagree, so no more snacks for you, mylady!

Actually no more snacks for me either. I have once again started a battle against old age and fat and tiredness. I’m taking to the gym to strengthen up and fix my knees (not fixing the really, arthritis can’t be fixed, but getting rid of the constant pain) and if I get stronger and loose some weight in the process – that won’t be too bad either.

And because it is my vacation (24 days still to go!) I’m going through my wardrobe and I have to admit I have bought a few new pieces that I definitely didn’t need and wasting an awful lot of money…So I’m moving to a smaller apartment in 10 months, in preparation for retirement, and I need to downsize my wardrobe. Slowly working through that process.


Awful photo, but I love this old dress from Jumperfabriken. Its going back in for another year.


I love the color of this dress, also from Jumperfabriken, but it doesn’t fit anymore. Actually looks good in photo, but not in real life. Too much muffin-top and cleavage to look smart. Maybe holding on to this and hope for a better fit after loosing some?


Fave shirt from By Malene Birger, a Danish brand. This trouser/shirt combo is becoming my go-to-style. Is it boring or smart? I’m not decided.


Another shirt/trouser combo. Silk shirt from &other stories, trousers from Mac Jeans and jacket from Nygårdsanna, a Swedish brand I recently re-discovered and yes, it cost me an arm and a leg but I love this jacket.


A simple kaftan dress from Arket. I got this in the sales this winter. and it goes perfectly with my new clean silhouette. The problem is sometimes I find it (the silhouette) too boring and I throw on something outrageous and bohemian and crazy. I will never be 100% stylish…


And another shirt/trouser combination, this time a green linen shirt (slightly crinkled, but it is linen after all!) from Uniqlo. This is the thing that doesn’t fit in my color scheme, and yes I do still do that scheme. But sometimes a girl is allowed to go crazy, right?

2 thoughts on “A peak in my closet

  1. Oh lifestyle change – yes, that’s me too, I am full of good intentions… I like your clothing style (yes all of it) you have a very nice silhouette and wear colours that very flattering. Actually overhauling my wardrobe is another good intention (how many grey tee shirts do i really need??) that I might get around to when I loose some weight/grow some confidence. There’s the other thing – what we wear has a huge impact on our self esteem so I applaud the wardrobe streamlining and the new you (although the current you is quite wonderful already)

    • I’m looking at the Internet and my style icons, atm Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, and realize the grey hair looks so much better with contrast – so color and black it is! Grey and white are surprisingly good as well. Loosing weight is such a struggle! Haven’t managed a single kilo so far, it goes off and jumps right back again! But actually Juliet, we are both pretty amazing and wonderful no matter what size we are!

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