Aches and pains and life changes


It was really too dark to take a picture when I was out taking a stroll in my neighborhood the other night, but I took it anyway!

So finally I’m back to writing about my daily struggles again, and during the Spring I have had time to think and plan, and have decided to make some big changes.

I went on summer vacation this Wednesday, and so I have 34 more lovely days ahead of me! It always takes me a week to calm down and enjoy myself, but it is still lovely and somewhat bewildering to have all that spare time. Especially these days when I do not have to care for anyone but myself!

Today when I got out of bed and had breakfast I decided to make a detour/daytrip to my new neighborhood to be. Yes, I’m moving! After 10 years in this inner city area I will be moving slightly further out in the suburbs, to a smaller and cheaper apartment. Its not until March 2020, and to be honest I wonder about it and if it is the right decision, but today I went there for the second time and it felt pretty good. The area is really calm and quiet, the house will be new-built with all the amenities and I will have a huge patio to use in the summertime. And just a 15 minute walk away I have loads of restaurants and shops…

So why do I want to move? Well, I made another big decision recently – I decided to take retirement from June 2020! This decision came after long and hard considerations, but one obstacle was my high rent. I realized that if I want to live the life I dream of as a retiree I needed a cheaper apartment. I will probably write about this off and on for the next year, it is a HUGE decision, and voluntary. But when taken I cannot go back…

I´m not sure if it is the fact that I am retiring or the fact that I think I have found my new style or if it is just the fact that I enjoy retail therapy (stressing the therapy bit), but recently I have bought a lot of new stuff for my wardrobe. As I will have only two wardrobes in my new apartment (I have 5 now…) I will have to sort things out! So officially I have a no-shopping rule going for at least three months. I will however need a pair of good winter boots in November…(and maybe a pair of black jeans, we´ll see).

2 thoughts on “Aches and pains and life changes

  1. Wow!!!! What a wonderful courageous attitude – see change, grab it, make it work! I must try and learn that one 🙂 the other half has been head hunted for a job down in England (too good to pass up) I’m not invited and he wants to sell the house… he eventually thought about this some more and says he will be back at weekends. I”m still digesting all this – but your can-do approach has really helped. I think your new life will be wonderful – you will make it wonderful, that is not saying how brave/hard it might be – its just I think you will do a great job of finding your way 🙂

    • I´m not sure I’m courageous, at the moment I just cannot wait to get started! But I still have a whole year in front of me -that is really going to demand strength and determination…Change can be good, I’ve seen it often in clients who have hold on to their old life with everything they have, and when they decide to take a new road they find it was kind of liberating. Whatever you choose to do I’m cheering you on!!!

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