A peak in my closet


I couldn’t help myself, this pic of my old, fat, constipated cat Molly is reflecting my own sentiments at the moment. Considering my options and not sure I like what I see in the world right now.

She’s 15 now and realistically she’s a very old cat now. Just gonna make sure she holds on another few years. So I’ve fixed her constipation after some Googling and some getting-a-mini-syringe-and-stuffing-with-laxative-thingy, and now I’m putting her on a diet. I just don’t know why she got so fat, I’m not feeding her more than I should, I think. But I guess a vet would disagree, so no more snacks for you, mylady!

Actually no more snacks for me either. I have once again started a battle against old age and fat and tiredness. I’m taking to the gym to strengthen up and fix my knees (not fixing the really, arthritis can’t be fixed, but getting rid of the constant pain) and if I get stronger and loose some weight in the process – that won’t be too bad either.

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Aches and pains and life changes


It was really too dark to take a picture when I was out taking a stroll in my neighborhood the other night, but I took it anyway!

So finally I’m back to writing about my daily struggles again, and during the Spring I have had time to think and plan, and have decided to make some big changes.

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