The most beautiful place


I’m having a hectic time at work, but when I looked back at the photos from my trip to Andalucia I realized there are still some I want to share with you (and to be honest, its kind of my diary as well!). So I will try and finish this, even though you probably are pretty bored by now:). So today I will show you the most beautiful place I visited: Alkazar.


The castle is situated in the middle of Seville, and it wasn’t included in my trip. But I was determined to go here, as I had seen some interiors from the gardens in Game of Thrones (where it is part of the settings for the southern kingdoms) and realized I needed to see this place in real life.

Unfortuanetly I wasn’t alone to have this idea, and the queue was very long and tedious, mainly because security s strict for obvious reasons. But once inside the place is filled with beauty and magic, and remains the most memorable visit from my trip.







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  1. That brings back lovely memories of being there years ago – we went in December and it was sunny and beautiful, ahhhhh so lovely 🙂

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