Seville – and I didn’t get a haircut!


This travel diary from Andalusia is taking forever! But honestly, so much happened in that week and I saw some really amazing places, so forgive me! At the moment Spring has sprung again and I have a crazy busy time at work. That week in Spain seems a long, long time ago.

We stopped in Seville for two nights so the tempo was not as hectic. But it was of course in Seville I got my cough so after those two days I was a bit under the weather.

I really liked Seville, a big vibrant city with interesting architecture and some big parks. The first big building we stopped to admire was built in honor of a big Fair in the 1920´s and the square had loads of beautiful tile artwork depicting history and different parts of Spain and South America. Close by was the beautiful park that intrigued me and I took lots of pictures here. So enjoy!








And of course Seville is famous among opera lovers. Around the city you could find little brown signs (see it on the door frame?) telling you about different operas and scenes from them. This was Rosinas balcony. What opera? Guess! (and a clue is found in my headline).



Walking through the old quarters of Seville you could fins loads of narrow alleys and beautiful traditional houses. But if you peaked inside they would sometimes be quite modern on the inside. And with some amazing court yards!