Its Monday – so this must be Cordoba!


Its funny how when you travel in a group, getting marched from one place to another and everything taken care of, you suddenly loose your sense of time and place. It happened to several people in my group in Andalusia and even more when we came to the end of our tour. “Where we had that great meal, in Cordoba or Granada? No, it was Cadiz!”. I kind of remember a film (that I never saw but remember the title) when I was a teenager called “Today is Saturday, so this must be Paris” or something similar. Ofcourse when I was young I laughed and thought it ridiculous, today not so much…

I can honestly say after a month at home that Cordoba kind of passed me by. It was the city where I attached myself to a nice couple and got new friends and its the home of La Mezquita, but apart from that…Yes, the hotel was awful! It was like sleeping in the corridor because it was paper thin walls in my single room. And the food in the hotel was even worse. But apart from that -no.

But La Mezquita was definitely worth a trip!

Originally a mosque that was built in the 900´s, but was in the 1200´s built into a cathedral by the Christians. So its a strange place. Part mosque and part cathedral. Both parts a stunningly beautiful, but I did like the original part best. Maybe because I’m an atheist and just look at the beauty of these buildings. Or maybe because I’m a fan of the clean and simple lines.



Saying that I don’t enjoy adorned is not entirely true. These beautiful golden walls impressed me a lot.


The Christian part of La Mezquita was built to impress. And it showed!


The roof of the cathedral part of the Mezquita. Just imagine the work behind this art!

As a symbol of the power struggle between the Christians and the Muslims in the south of Spain during Medieval times La Mezquita is really interesting. It´s a struggle that you meet over and over again in these parts, and I am not sure the history always turns out in favor of the winner (the Christians obviously). We heard how the Muslims accepted all religions in their cities, but how the Christians persecuted anyone who was not of the right Faith after they took power, very notable in the Jewish quarters of Granada and Seville.

I was told there is a lot of interesting arabic culture left in Cordoba, but we didn’t see much of it this time. Maybe worth a trip back?

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  1. It looks beautiful AND fascinating you have piqued my interest. I think I will have to go sooner rather than later as I have always intended to go but now I REALLY want to go 🙂

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